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Hi I'm Susan Nixon

I'm a Mormon. I joined the church when I was 18, and I've never regretted it for a moment.

About Me

I'm a retired elementary teacher and a widow. My main passion in life, after church and family, is quilting. I once owned a longarm quilting business, and I still make a lot of tops for American Hero Quilts in Washington state. I loved being a teacher, especially the literacy part of the day, though science experiments are always fun! Reading has been an interest since I was tiny, and at a very young age, I already had a fill bookcase of Little Golden Books and had my own library card. The books are harder to read now, the bookcases have multiplied, but I still have my own library card - and a Kindle!

Why I am a Mormon

I graduated from high school (Tucson, Arizona) when I was 17 and went to El Paso, Texas, to spend the summer with my sister. She introduced me to her babysitter, who introduced me to her daughter about my age, who introduced me to her roommates, both of whom were LDS. Their home was a meeting place for young people that summer, and almost everyone I met was LDS, including missionaries. For years I'd had question burning in my heart, and I'd asked it of a number of ministers, but no one had an answer for me. When I talked to the missionaries, they had the answer. I know you want to know the question, though it really doesn't matter - we all have a question we want answered. Mine had to do with what about all the people who died before Christ was born, or in areas of the world where no one ever heard of him? I couldn't accept the answer that they were damned, which I heard several times, or that we just don't know, which was another common answer. The LDS missionaries had an answer that made sense, that was logical, that sounded like exactly how a loving Heavenly Father would take care of things. When I was 18, I was baptized into the church, and I've continued a member for more than 45 years. I've never regretted my choice, though I've been discriminated against and lost friends because of it, from time to time. It was the right choice. I've read the Book of Mormon many times, and the Bible, too, and both of them tell me it was the right choice. I know my Savior suffered for my sins, and that he died for me. I also know he was resurrected so that I could be also, and that he loves me, I have no doubt. I know my Heavenly Father loves me, and I've felt it in times of loss and discouragement. I know without Grace, I could never earn my way back to my Heavenly Father, and I know he wants me to live with him for eternity. How great his plan is!

How I live my faith

Over the years, I've come to realize that King Benjamin's talk before his death was for me, as well as his own people. When he said that service to our fellow beings is service to our God, he meant now as well as then. I try to be compassionate and serve wherever I am asked or can see a need. I work in the Bishop's Storehouse, packing food deliveries for families in need, regularly, and I try to show my gratitude for the gifts and blessings of my Heavenly Father through sharing them with others. There are many small ways I serve others, from a card to a phone call to a txt message - they all say, "I'm here, I'm aware of you, and I care about you."