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Hi I'm Matt

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in Southern California until college then moved to New York to attend the United States Military Academy at West Point. After two years in at West Point, I resigned serve for two years as a missionary for my church in the coolest place on earth, Seoul South Korea. Upon returning to the US I decided to pursue my career goal (serving as a medical doctor). I am completing my undergraduate work and will hopefully enter medical school soon. I also work part time in a research laboratory, studying neurodegenerative diseases. I live in a wonderful place and a wonderful time to have all these opportunities at my finger tips. I love to work hard and try new things. I enjoy all athletics. I played baseball growing up and am a big Angel's fan. In high school I played basketball, football, and ran track. It is important to maintain a balance of physical, mental, physical, and spiritual growth. Other hobbies include hiking, cycling, and archery. Life is full of wonderful things to learn and experience and I want to take advantage of every opportunity life offers.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the Mormon church. It was easy for me to follow the example of my siblings and parents in attending church. I knew veering from my family's beliefs would be more difficult than maintaining my membership in the church. However, now as an adult who has been away from home for more than five years and lived thousands of miles away from home I have had more than enough opportunities to make my own decisions without the influence of family. The truth is, I love being Mormon and I always have. The Mormon church and its beliefs are logical, realistic, optimistic, inspiring etc. and I have only gained more meaning to my life as I have lived according to its precepts. I do not know of any other organization that does more good in the world per capita than The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Nor do I know any other organization that inspires greater confidence and hope in its members than this church. We believe in limitless potential! What a concept! I love it! Therefore I can see each day as a new opportunity to learn and grow. It is no wonder there are so many members of the Mormon church who have accomplished great things. However this is all superficial. My real connection with the Mormon church is my personal relationship to my savior Jesus Christ. From a young age I found the scriptures to be helpful even though I could not understand them well. I came to understand where I came from, why I am here, and where I am going and why I want to or should want to go there. This understanding is ingrained in me now and I rarely think about it but I always to my best to act according to it. Each day I am met with new challenges and often fail but I know there is a plan and all I have to do is to keep trying. It is difficult for me to explain my relationship with God but all I can say it that I would not be who I am today without my education in Mormon church.

How I live my faith

Life as a Mormon is very much ordinary. I doubt anyone could tell that I am Mormon under normal circumstances. That is the way I prefer it. No, I do not drink, smoke, and or have an active sex life and yes, I do enjoy laughing, being sarcastic, dancing, learning, and helping others etc. In most respects I appear just like the next guy. The only way to distinguish me from the "next guy," outside of asking, is to examine my day to day activities and what I do when I am outside the public sphere. I pray about five times a day. Prayer is an opportunity to analyze my life, see where I am weak and express gratitude for both my weaknesses and my strengths as I communicate with my Father in heaven. I attend religious classes. Currently I am learning about the Apostle Paul's teachings (found in the Bible) and finding ways to apply the lessons he has learned into my life. I attend church ever Sunday for three hours. At church I serve by welcoming new people and helping them feel welcome. Additionally I coordinate serve activities for members in our area. We serve at local blood drives, help in nursing homes, do projects for community organizations etc. Personally, I communicate and visit a few members in my church every month to see how they are doing and try to find ways to help them. Service never ends in the Mormon church and maybe that is why some people think it is so difficult to be a member but with an understanding of how much we owe to our God serving others is blessing. Despite all this I think my attitude defines my membership in the Mormon church more than anything else. I approach each day knowing that life in a journey and that if I fail today I can still succeed tomorrow. I know that God expects me to be the best I can and although I am not always my best I have adopted that same expectation for myself. I am grateful that I can be Mormon.