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Hi I'm Daniel

I'm a clinical psychology Ph.D. student and a Mormon.

About Me

I like simple and complex things, like skipping rocks and science. I graduated with a bachelor's degree in psychology last year and then thought for a long time. I decided eventually to study more psychology instead of joining the circus, although I think I could be a successful and contributing member of a mid-level circus. I like psychology because I love people. I like to be warm and outside and moving. I rock climb once a week and love to ride my bicycle in the mountains near my home. I like to run. For fun. I like to read things that people have created with their whole souls and expressed with their brains. Good poems, good books, good essays, good articles.

Why I am a Mormon

Brigham Young, an early Mormon prophet, said, "'Mormonism,' so-called, embraces every principle pertaining to life and salvation, for time and eternity. No matter who has it. If the infidel has got truth it belongs to 'Mormonism.' The truth and sound doctrine possessed by the sectarian world, and they have a great deal, all belong to this Church. As for their morality, many of them are, morally, just as good as we are. All that is good, lovely, and praiseworthy belongs to this Church and Kingdom. 'Mormonism' includes all truth. There is no truth but what belongs to the Gospel. It is life, eternal life; it is bliss; it is the fulness of all things" (From Discourses of Brigham Young). My brain works scientifically. My soul needs more than science to survive. I search for truth and when I find it, I feel it. I have found truth in Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, secular science, and many other places. I am a Mormon because I believe that God reveals all truth and all goodness to His people all over the world and has created a way for all truth and all people to be gathered and unified. In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I find a divine command and divine help to receive and incorporate all truth, wherever it is found. I find divine truths revealed in the Church through modern prophets, truth-tellers. I am a Mormon so that God can continue to teach me truth throughout my life.

How I live my faith

My faith pervades all parts of my life. A small reflection of my faith is that I go to church every Sunday. I go to church so that I can worship God and have a sacred experience with a wide variety of people, many of whom I probably wouldn't otherwise associate with. The church experience is a valuable lesson in loving people you don't always like. When I'm not at church, I live my faith by trying to love the people around me. Being a Mormon means that Jesus is my example in all things. I try to fulfill every role in my life the way Jesus would. I try to be the kind of son and brother that Jesus would be to my family. I try to love my friends the way Jesus loves them. I try to be the kind of scientist Jesus would be, accepting and incorporating all truth into a whole picture of things. I start most days by studying scriptures, which injects the rest of my day with faith. Throughout each day I find truth in the things I learn, both in the scriptures and in the classroom. My faith in God leads me to pray. I speak with my Heavenly Father and occasionally make time to sit and simply be with Him, not needing to say anything. I try to meditate regularly, which increases my spirituality and closeness to God.