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Hi I'm Joe

I'm a husband, father, grandfather, Counselor, and Red Cross Volunteer . I'm a Mormon, and love to share the joy I've found.

About Me

I'm married to a wonderful lady, Dannielle, and she has put up with me for over 37 years- an amazing feat! We have always been best friends, and our hope and faith is that we can be together, along with our family for eternity. We are blessed with 7 children, and as of today, have 12 awesome grandchildren, with one more on the way. Our family is such a joy to us, and we are grateful for the Church, as it has helped us so much to supplement our efforts to raise our children to be honest, responsible, and faithful people, which they really have become. The youth programs and activities of the Church have helped so much; now our grandchildren are being blessed by the same programs, and we are so proud of their parents, who really do a better job as parents than we did, in many respects. I am lucky in that I love the profession I am in, that of Counseling. From the time that I was able to overcome struggles as a teen with addiction to drugs, I desired to work with people, especially teens, to help them with issues like I had. That's exactly what I am still doing today. I'm a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and a Licensed Drug and Alcohol Counselor, working full-time with teens in a Youth Correctional Setting, and I also work one day per week with a substance abuse treatment agency offering substance abuse counseling to community members on an outpatient basis. I love hiking and camping, exploring the outdoors. I am a Disaster Mental Health Volunteer with the Red Cross.

Why I am a Mormon

I was blessed to be raised in the Church, in a very strong family, and with a heritage of faith. However, I needed to come to my own understanding, and gain my own testimony of the truth of this great work. I remember as a child of 9 or 10, reading the account in his own words of the Prophet Joseph Smith, and his struggles to find the true church. As I read about his experience in the sacred grove, where his fervant, faithful prayer was answered with a visit from the Father and the Son, I had a most powerful experience myself- it was like nothing I had felt from reading something before. It was as if I was present with the boy Joseph, and I received an undeniable witness from the Holy Ghost at that time that this amazing account was true- it did happen. The first time I read the Book of Mormon as a teenager, I decided to take the invitation at the end of the book, and pray for myself to know of it's truthfullness. Again, the sweet confirmation of the Holy Ghost whispered directly to my soul- it is true! I have had this witness reconfirmed over and over again in my life. I know that God lives, and answers prayers. I know that His Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ, is our Savior and Redeemer. I have struggled at times earlier in my life to live true to this testimony that I have had for so long. I am grateful for the atonement of Jesus Christ, that my sins have been forgiven as I have repented, and He has healed me. He has made me a new person. The Savior, Jesus Christ, has restored to the earth his Church, and Priesthood power, and keys of authority, as were anciently held by His Apostles. He has called modern Prophets and Apostles, who lead this church through his divine authority, direction, and revelation. I know that this is His Kingdom on earth. It is a priceless blessing in our lives.

How I live my faith

Believe me, this is not just a "Sunday religion"! It has been a joy of my life to serve in this Church. I have discovered for myself that as I follow the Lord's teachings to "lose myself" in His service, and in serving my fellow men, that I really "gain myself". I volunteer in the community with the Red Cross, with Interfaith Food Bank, etc. A great deal of service opportunities in my life have been associated with my church activity. Because we have no paid ministry, everyone gets a chance to contribute. Currently I serve as an Assistant to the Leader called to preside over our Priesthood group. I also teach once per month in the Group Meetings. I also am the Chorister for our Sunday Worship Services (called Sacrament Meetings). I love music, and sing in the choir in our congregation (Ward), and try to be involved as much as I can in music. In the past I have had lots of other chances to serve, with Cub Scouts, and with the Boy Scouts. Also, as a teacher in a variety of settings with youth and adults. I have had some leadership positions as well, but love teaching the most. I served a full-time mission in Australia for 2 years, and my wife and I plan to serve together as Full-time Missionaries after I retire. Presently, our youngest daughter, Acasia is serving a Mission in Billings, Montana, USA. My wonderful parents and ancestors have passed on a legacy of service through their examples to me. My religion teaches me that we are all children of out Heavenly Father, thus we are brothers and sisters. Every single soul is just as precious in His sight- He loves us all- I know that. It is awesome to work voluntarily side by side with my brothers and sisters- noone above another. For example, we might be at a Welfare Cannery canning tomatoes or peaches for use of the poor, standing in the canning line with brothers and sisters- Drs, Lawyers, Professors, Janitors, Farmers, or Unemployed, all working together for the common good. It's amazing, and I love it!