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Hi I'm Philip Weech

I love sports and I am the father of 2. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a recent graduate of Arizona State University and work in accounting/finance for the Aerospace division of Honeywell. I met my beautiful wife while cliff jumping at a lake in southern AZ right after I graduated from High School and when she was getting ready to start her Junior year. We stayed friends for about 7 months until I left to go on a mission to Argentina. We wrote each other throughout the mission, and were married 6 months after I returned home, 2 years later. We have two wonderful young children. I have always enjoyed playing all sports and also yardwork/landscaping, the outdoors, and hopefully soon will add travelling to my list of hobbies. I have quite the sweet tooth. We also like to spend our time with friends having games nights or participating in other activities.

Why I am a Mormon

I guess you could say I started out being a Mormon because of my parents. From a young boy we always attended church. In Primary, I enjoyed singing the children songs and learning in our classes about the Bible and Book of Mormon stories. I noticed early on how I felt when I would hear and think about these stories, and sing songs about Jesus. My parents were amazing in that as I was growing up, they would always teach me what they believed, but would also let me make my own decisions and would support me. When I was getting ready to turn 8, I was concerned that my parents had not yet made any plans for my baptism. I asked them if I was going to get baptised, and my dad paused, looked at me in my eyes, and asked, "Do you want to be baptised?" I did, and they knew I did, but they wanted the decision to come from me. They believed in teaching me what they believed to be true and then in letting me make my own decisions and use my agency. Living the gospel at that point just made me so happy. I had no reason not to believe it. Soon after that, my mom had told me about a man who had read the scriptures every day for over 20 years. It didn't sink in then, but when I was 9 or 10 that came back to me, and I received the thought to try and do that. Since that point in my life, rarely has a day gone by that I have not read in the Bible or the Book of Mormon. The inspiration that has come from reading the scriptures and then acting on those thoughts and impressions has changed my life. It has guided me. The gospel is such a positive influence. Reading about the Restoration of the Gospel, and how Joseph Smith acted as an instrument in God's hands to bring about Christ's church again upon the earth has always touched my heart, and rung true in my soul. I am a Mormon, because I believe God has called a prophet today just as he did in times of old. Through his guidance, and that of the Holy Ghost, and saving ordinances like baptism, I can be with my Savior again.

How I live my faith

Faith and religion is not something I just do on Sundays. It is a way of life. It is the way TO live. I go to church on Sundays to learn more about Christ's teaching and how to apply them in my life. The church also teaches service to others and gives me callings. Right now I am a Venture leader for the Boy Scouts of America and spend time each week with youth in our community. There are specific families nearby that I reach out to at least monthly to check on their well-being and to be a resource to them for any needs that may arise. I read the scriptures (Holy Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price) daily. As I read them, thoughts and impressions come to my mind such as things I need to do or stop doing or people I need to check on. I receive comfort and determination. Sometimes it feels like drinking hot chocolate on a cold day, the spirit will come to me and all the sudden everything seems better, and I feel like I am excited about life again and the challenges that are before me. Living the Gospel of Jesus Christ as a Mormon means to improve myself and to help others; plain and simple. It does not mean judging, it means loving unconditionally. It is the true way to happiness. Part of living my faither is living commandments or "rules" as some people may call them. These include the 10 commandments from the Bible, and others such as taking care of my body by not drinking alcohol or using illicit drugs, and being faithful to my wife and not viewing addictive pornagraphy or using vulgar language. God gives us commandments for the same reason we have laws in the lands where we live, it is so we can be protected and be happy. He knows perfectly what actions bring about positive consequences, and which actions lead to heartache. I trully believe that by living the Gospel of Jesus Christ as I feel it in my heart, I will be able to return to live with God and Jesus Christ, and be with my family forever.