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Hi I'm JJ

I'm an outdoor enthuthiast, I dream to benefit the world, and I'm LDS.

About Me

Music, technology, mountains, and poetry are all things I enjoy. I get to take a little break from these things, and focus on things of a higher value for a couple years as a missionary. I am currently serving as a missionary in Denmark, which I've found to be one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. I learn constantly that beauty can be found in just about any situation, its up to our eye to distinguish it. I like just about anything that promotes self improvement, or making the world a better place. That being said, I read many self help books and find inspiration in them. I find business fascinating, and have enjoyed trying my hand in little business schemes all my life. Sometimes I stress myself out too much, and can unwind with good music and nature. Whether its hitting the slopes, backpacking, or a fishing trip, I'm always game for enjoying the outdoors. Like most adolecents, I struggled with insecurity and cared way too much what everyone else thought. I find the older I get, and the more I learn, the less I care about the opinions of the world. In direct relation with that, when I discover who I really am, and what is expected of me, I can go forward in confidence. It was a comfort to me to find out that regardless of who I was or what I did, there were people who cared, and a God who loves me.

Why I am a Mormon

Why am I mormon? Sometimes I ask myself the same question! Though there are more valid reasons than just being raised with the faith, that help me remember why. Living in an area with a high population of latter-day saints was always interesting. I had mixed feelings about the church growing up, and got to see the great and not so great from the inside. I learned that the people belonging to the church aren't perfect, any more than I myself am. Although I'm greatful that there were many people who were much better people than me, that were willing to reach out to lift and help me in my own life. The church provides opportunities for growth and personal progress. Its the foundation of the beleif, to become better, more like the Savior. It wasn't until a pinnacle point in my own life where I was driven to really find out for myself if it all was true. Longing for peace and true joy that I was unable to find searching in the world, I began honestly reading the Book of Mormon, and praying sincerly. Sincerly meaning, I needed answers, and was willing to work to pay the price to get them. I learned to rely on Jesus Christ, and learned about his love for me, despite my weakness. It was then that everything became much more real. I found out that God really does live, and loves us. Thats why he sent Jesus, to enable us to overcome lifes difficulties, our own mistakes, and find that peace that Jesus talks about in the New Testament. Through this process, I learned the Book of Mormon was true, it really taught of Jesus Christ. I've personally never read a more powerful book, that did more for me. Things fell in place and I understood that Christ's original church was brought back to the church through a prophet, to help us in our time. The world has need of goodness more now than ever. My faith provide structure and security in my life. Yes there are hard times, and sure to be more, but I know that it will all work out, and the future looks bright.

How I live my faith

Serving as a missionary, I get to teach anyone looking to learn more. I get to participate in weekly service projects, and go around looking for opportunities to serve. I've never before had the chance like this, to go around for two years, looking for chances to help people, full time. Its an opportunity to step way out of my comfort zone, to talk to complete strangers and offer our help and service. Being a member, I get to speak publicly in church services, and even teach lessons. I love this, because I feel the teacher usually learns more than the teacher in preparing and giving lectures. Its terrifying getting up in front of a congregation, but the thrill of going through the waterfall of fear is a worthy rush!

How can we stop the spread and influence of pornography?

Education and understanding would help the bursting issue of pornography spreading. The rising generations need to be warned of the harmful addictive nature of pornography. We need to understand as a society that it is an actual addiction, and that it is OK to get help for it, just as one would with any other addiction. Those who view pornography are not bad people, just as those who smoke aren't bad people. They simply participate in harmful or dangerous habits. The truth about pornography is it is even more dangerous than smoking, for it can destroy lives, families, marriages. We need to have a more understanding, accepting, and loving opinion to all who are struggling with addictions. We need to be open to talking about it in its early stages. We need to be more forgiving for those who have battled with it, and support them in their recovery. We must understand that the sacrifice of Jesus Christ is sufficient to help those who will turn to him overcome their addictions, and shake off the chains which hold them down. Show more Show less