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Hi I'm Connor Moore

I grew up on an Island in the Pacific.......in Canada and I love Photography, and I am a Mormon!

About Me

I am a car loving guy, anything that sounds nice and goes fast im all over it!!! from Lamborgini's to Gorgeous red Ferrari's, I love the Ferrari 458 sport (in black). I am from a small island in the pacific, if you are a nature loving guy/gal this is the place for you!!!! it is named Vancouver Island. I love to go for hikes and be outdoors I love to scurf (surfwakeboard), wakeboard, kneeboard, kayak, swim, go for runs, I love anything that smells like gas and sounds like the earth will explode, my dream one day is to have a nice Ducati, I absolutely LOVE to work with my hands, anything and everything that I can do and make a difference I wanna try and become good at!! I love the water, I would make everyday free if I could to go swim or kneeboard or wakeboard. When I try something new I try to accomplish it and become the best at it! But my Heavenly Father constantly humbles me! I am a extremely hard worker and my moto is to always do my best! I have a Mustang, and when I was a kid I vowed to never have a Mustang because crazy people drive them, Well...so much for that promise. I would love to further my education by going to university by going somewhere foreign BUT I want to some how end up owning a Car Dealership that is my dream goal!!!! I want to do everything I can to get there!! and I'm a Canadian Islander, EHH!!

Why I am a Mormon

Why! well I truly absolutly love the Book of Mormon, I have read it over and over and every time I get a sense of peace! My life is crazy, I have gone through a lot of things that I dont know how I would've overcome without the comfort of knowing that the Savior lives and loves me and he blesses me with this miraculous book! I really do believe and have Faith that the Book of Mormon is true, I love it to the depts of my heart! Many times over and over I have recieved answers to my prayers through the Book of Mormon, I really and honestly can say that I dont know where I would be without the Infinate Atonement of our Savior! He suffered on the cross so I could be the person I am today! I am a Mormon for the Book of Mormon! The book Testifies of Jesus Christ, my favourite scripture is Alma 7:11-13, this is why I know the book is true, for what it talks about. I tend to judge books by their covers but this one I needed to test by reading and praying about it!

How I live my faith

Living my Faith is extremely important to me , it is everything to me! I live my faith by everyday studying the Book of Mormon. When I study the Book of Mormon, everytime I have a feeling of peace and comfort because I know it is true! Being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints I have aquired many standards and guidlines where I can live my life. Now I have a choice to live these standards or not, but I choose to follow them because I know that they can benefit me. Some of the things I live by are, The Word of Wisdom. The Word of Wisdom is a commandment that was given to Joseph Smith, its kinda like a heath code. I am asked not to put in my body, Tobacco, Coffee or Tea, Illegal Drugs, Alcohol or any addictive substance. Of over 11 years of actively not eating or putting these substances in my body, I have not had any heath problems. I feel better waking up in the morning and not having to have my daily dose of caffine. I can physically work hard and with energy, I am very concious of what and why I do things. Another thing I do is attend church regularly, when I attend church weekly I feel a renewal every week after I have been able to listen to talks people give at church and feel the spirit, also I am able to learn new things in classes we have at church, and know more about my faith.

Why is it important for us to take care of our bodies? Why are our bodies called temples of God in the Bible?

Connor Moore
It is important to be able to Respect our bodies because they are what we live with and we want to have a healthy body. The Word of Wisdom can help use with that. There are 5 things that the Lord commands us not to partake of those are, Tobacco, Coffee and Tea, Alcohol, Illegal Drugs and any addicting or harmful substances. If you look at those and if you take one or all and do it for 40 years you end up with alot of problems and you waste alot of money, so by thinking of that you can see how harmful they all are to us! We in the long run can see that Gods commandments are to benefit us! Show more Show less

Do Mormons regard the Bible as Holy Scripture and the word of God?

Connor Moore
I sure do! I love and rear the Bible, I believe in Jesus Christ and love him, if I so much as believe in him the Bible testifies of Jesus Christ! so I need to use it to gain more knowledge about him! and I will always use the bible side by side with the Book of Mormon! Show more Show less