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Hi I'm Mike

I love all sorts of people, I try to be a good person, and I love to have fun!

About Me

I'm a people person, and try to be a nice, honest, hard working, and a helpful guy. I like getting people together to have fun and enjoy each other and life. I like camping where there are cliffs to jump off of into lakes, I like snowblading (like short skis with no poles), I joke around, I rarely have a normal face in a picture, I love good food, and I love making a fool of myself at karaoke!!! :) I loved making silly movies as a teenager, so I went to college and graduated in Digital Media with an emphasis in Film. I get to do a lot of filming and editing at my job, so I'm very blessed to have found a job doing what I like. I'm 31 and am single, but my biggest desire in life is to have a wife and kids, and I'm trying to live my life to be a good husband and dad when the time comes. I'm saving myself for my wife, because I believe that the physical expression of love is so special and shouldn't be given to anybody else but her. And being a man in a world where pretty much "anything goes", it's only by the Grace of Jesus Christ that I've somehow managed to save myself for her, and I cannot thank Him enough for His constant help.

Why I am a Mormon

Well, I grew up in a good family. My siblings and I were baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints when we were 8, but my family never went to church though. I don't even recall knowing what the purpose of baptism was. Before the age of 15, I probably could've counted the times I'd been to church on my fingers. But my mom always prayed to God with me and my siblings before going to bed, so I started praying on my own sometime when I was a kid. I don't recall any specific experience, but by praying, I learned that God was a real Person, and that He listened to my "little kid prayers" and answered them too. My mom started going to church when I was about 12, but nobody else wanted to go with her. That was like going to school 6 days a week instead of 5. What kid wants to do that?! When I was 14, she asked me if I wanted to register for a class called "Seminary". Seminary is basically like a Sunday School class, except not on Sunday. It's on weekdays with high school, and it was just across the street from the high school. The only reason I said "yes" was because it got me excused out of an hour of school :) We were studying the Old Testament, and while attending that class, I felt something I'd never felt before. It was the first time I can recall ever recognizing the presence of an unseen, but very real Being - the Holy Ghost. I'd never felt so good in my life, nothing had ever felt more right before. Several months later, after I'd turned 15, I came downstairs one Sunday morning dressed for church. My mom was very surprised. As I became involved in church, I learned more and more about Jesus Christ and His Gospel, I learned more and more about The Book of Mormon, and about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. To make a long story short, ever since then Jesus Christ has helped me again and again throughout my life, and I know the Church is His. Following His plan has brought me happiness, direction, peace, protection, and help.

How I live my faith

I try to follow Jesus Christ one day at a time. I've done enough stupid stuff in my life to know that "my way" only gets me hurt, and that Jesus's way leads to a more full and happy life, even though it doesn't always appear that way. I often find myself still doing or at least wanting to do things my way, but I know He can help me to follow Him if I ask Him, trust Him, and keep trying my best. I'll be honest, sometimes it can be so hard to want to follow His commandments rather than do what I want sometimes, but I trust that Jesus Christ knows what He's talking about. I hope that I choose His plan always, rather than my own stupidity. He's smart, definitely smarter than me! How could I think that I'm smarter than the One who created this amazing planet, everything on it, and everything out in space? He knows what He's doing, and I'd be a fool not to trust Him and follow Him. Everything good in my life has been a result of His love for me and the Grace He has given me to overcome problems in my life that I couldn't overcome on my own. I hope I can always be smart and follow Him for my entire life, and help anybody else I can along the way.