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Hi I'm Ann E. Maughan

I was born in the small town of Ephraim, in Central Utah. I'm the third child of 6. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Of mostly Danish heritage and pioneer stock, I have been a very blessed person. I had a safe childhood and wonderful parents. There was structure and expectations of doing your duties and doing your best, but within those guidelines was much freedom of choice and good support. Both of my parents were Educators and while most of my siblings are very academic, I seem to be drawn more to the creative side of life. I knew very young that I wanted to become a Cosemetologist. I did pursue an Associates Degree and then moved to Salt Lake City to train and learn my skill. I have had a very rich career because of the many associations with clients and co-workers. But I would say that my life's work is with my family, and especially my four children. I have two boys and two girls. The boys are ten years apart placed as bookends to the group and I find that quite appropiate as I have wittnessed the protection, support and comfort they provide, forming a strong nucleus for the group. There is great joy in gathering and sharing. We've all been fortunate to have a strong standard bearer as a father and husband and I remain very grateful for his strong work ethic and sense of duty that keeps the boat afloat. I find the most joy when I have been a contributor to others lives. That happness increases a level when my service includes something beautiful. I style hair, knit, design jewelry, garden and have recently helped with weddings and seem to be taking up floral decor. Quite blessed!

Why I am a Mormon

I had an LDS upbringing. That was my start in life and the strong examples of my parents spoke volumes to me. They served in the church and in the commuity and were a strong cohesive part of the heritage and peservation of the town, and family. Because I was so aware of the legacy that went before, I had a point of reference from which to base my life and my future. Even though I had known a good path for life it didn't mean that I didn't have to come to a point of decision of my own. That time came for me at the end of my second year of college. I knew I would be moving away and would start the real chapter of my adult life. I had someone challenging me as to the validity of my beliefs and my decisions. I went to my Heavently Father, not on my knees but on my feet walking and walking and talking in the dark on the outskirts and safty of my small town. I walked and talked and tearfully pleaded aloud for comformation, for a long time. I reached the ball park and lay down on the grass looking up at the stars and felt then a presence, as tangible as warm arms around me. I became calm and I remember silently willing that presence to remain with me, to linger, I stayed in that state for a time but it was, in relation to life, quite brief and yet undeniable. I have remained faithful to my faith, or at the very least in pursut of a faithful state, because of a concious choice based on the fact that I knew there was truth and because I knew I could not turn from it. I'm not saying that it has been a perfect science and no clouds or down right storms but at the end of the day, for me, true is true. The same quiet whisper of a voice gives me comfort and strength during the times of turmoil. Life is sometimes just too real, and sometimes can rock that boat to the point that you think you may drown. But the joy always returns and the hope is ever present. Humor is a daily sanity check and laughing at myself is not at all hard to reason for. I am blessed. I am grateful!

How I live my faith

I'm comforted by the fact that we don't know everything, that here on earth there are so many questions that spark debate and controversey. Lots of us think we know the answer but confusion still abounds. I'm talking about social issues, moral issues, political issues etc. We don't have agreement on many things gobaly. I rejoice to know that there is a supreme being who does have answers. We will eventually also have answers. We are not here to judge, based on each of our limited experience. When something doesn't make sense to me, I figure there is something that I don't know, and my place is to teach the truths that I know to be of help and beyond that, be kind. Come to earth, receive a body, make covenants and be kind. I hope that my time in service thus far is authentic, that I have enriched the lives of young and old and inbetween, authenticly. I want the light to come from within, and I hope that I can keep that light strong enough to resonate with others who may need light. I hope to have been useful, I've done all kinds of assignments within the structure of the church and find that sometimes the more hands on and personal the assignment the better the opportunity to make a difference. I enjoy working with young people, with small children, with music. I'm always the recipent of wisdom from those who have a few years on me. I find strength and comfort amoung the women of my faith, as we gather to learn and to enrich our lives, learn skills and listen and support friends and families. My children have been helped amazingly and unconditonally. It's made all the difference. I'm most heartened by, maybe most proud of, the experience of raising money for a family that was dealing with so much pain and illness. That we could start a fund for them to help, I still feel, was a worthy effort. I hope that my faults have not impeded my efforts, that what is in my heart translates into action, that I will be recognizable to my Savior. I have so much yet to learn.

What are Mormon church services like? Are visitors allowed at church meetings? Can I attend church?

Ann E. Maughan
You can absolutely attend church! You are very welcome. Come and listen and partake of the spirit there. You should know that we do not have a paid ministery, those who will speak or sing, conduct or take part in anyway are there by agreement and assignment. Most of those speaking or taking part in other ways will be different each week. We are all learning and growing together. There is not a collection taken, or donations accepted at meetings. If you have an interest and know someone who is Mormon just ask when and where they meet, they will be happy to help. If you don't know someone, just check the phone book or the internet. Search ; Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and you will find a phone number to call or a location close to you. If you have a hesitation don't let it get the best of you. I have a son serving an LDS mission in Georgia currently. A person he was teaching was hesitant because he knew he would smell of tobacco. He knew that we as members don't use tobacco, as part of The Word of Wisdom. I told my son that that is one of the best things you can smell at church. Those around you will know that your are seeking something, that you have overcome a first road block and that you are a stong and brave person. Give yourself time to adjust to a new atmosphere, so that you won't be distracted by things that may be new to you. Come again, so that you can feel the strength of spirit and listen more attentively. Show more Show less