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Hi I'm Jennene

I teach German in high school. I was a missionary for my church in the Philippines.I love to read and enjoy travel. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I have a great life. My husband and I are the parents of six grown children and I love the adventure of being a parent, even now! When I do have time to myself, I love to read either in English or German. I also enjoy music. I play piano and organ but my main instrument is the flute. Family activities that I love are camping and believe it or not, road trips. Some of my best family memories are when we were all in the car going somewhere and spending fun time together. Now I get to visit grandchildren.

Why I am a Mormon

I have been a member of this church for my whole life. When I was a child, it was a place for me to learn more about my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. It was a place where I could feel peace and warmth, like the warmth of my own loving family. As I grew up I chose to remain with my faith. I realized it defined who I was and it shaped my character. I try to be kind, because I follow Christ. I am honest because I am his disciple. The things people see in me as positive are all because of my belief in the gospel and trying to live its teachings. Anything that isn't positive yet is just what I need to work on and with the help of the Savior's atonement, I can become a better person each day. The teachings of Christ, as revealed through modern prophets and as recorded anciently in scripture, give me the hope and knowledge that if I am faithful to what I know is right and keep the promises I have made, I can return and live with my Heavenly Father and the Savior. One real blessing of the gospel is that I can look forward to living in His kingdom surrounded by those I love, by my parents, my sweet husband, my children, and others whom I love. Because of the gospel and the restoration of the priesthood, my family can be together forever. What a great blessing that is to look forward to. I said before that I love road trips. Maybe the gospel is the reason. This life is like a road trip with my family and our goal is to return home. The trip may not always be easy but the destination and goal are worth the challenges.

How I live my faith

I live my faith each day. Some of that is demonstrated in private practices, such as scripture study and prayer. I like to think that one place I live my faith is in my classroom at school. Many teenagers feel like no one notices them or cares if they are there. I try to make each of my students feel welcome and accepted. I look out on my classes and I truly see young people who are all created in the image of God. Each one is a precious child of God and deserves to be treated well. Sometimes students just need someone to talk with, someone who will listen to them. I will listen to them when life is tough and when life is happy too. They know they can count on me to be kind and fair. They know I will have a smile for them, because I think if the Savior were there in my classroom, He too would smile at those teenage faces. I also try to help students be better people: kind, honest, forgiving, hard working. These are qualities that will help them in life, as well as in education. These are qualities that our Savior possesses. Right now in the church I am over all of the middle school and high school age young women in our congregation. It's a good fit because I really do love working with teenagers. In my church service I get to do the same types of things I do at school, except this time I get to talk about where goodness comes from, why Heavenly Father expects us to be kind, patterning our actions on the life of the Savior, and all of the other teachings that will help safe-guard these young women in a world that has some pretty bad stuff. Not all the teaching is heavy. It's not all scripture study. Much of it comes during normal discussions while the girls learn to cook and sew, when they go to camp, when we play games together. We help people in our community. I get to plan these things so that the girls have opportunities to mature in a wholesome manner.

Why don’t women hold the priesthood in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? How do Mormon women lead in the Church?

The priesthood is sacred authority and responsibility given to men to act in God's name. Like all other revealed truths, the Lord sets the rules, so to speak. I always look at it kind of like in a family. Every member in the family has assignments which need to be done in order for the home to run smoothly and efficiently. Just because one person has to take the trash out, doesn't mean that is any more or less important than sweeping the floors. They are just different responsibilities. That is like in Heavenly Father's family here on earth. Everyone in his kingdom here on earth is needed and has an important part to play. A prime responsibility of all worthy men in the church is to hold the priesthood. With that power they can administer the affairs of the church and perform ordinances like baptism. Women are not left out of the picture in the church. I have served as the president of our congregation's women's organization, called the Relief Society. I had women as counselors, women taught lessons on Sundays. As president I sat in council with the priesthood leadership of our congregation and provided the unique perspective that women bring to any group dynamic. I currently am part of that council again in my position as the leader of the teenage girls. I represent their interests and needs and the priesthood leadership listens. The fact that I don't hold the priesthood doesn't diminish my service, it is as important as any other service in the church. Show more Show less