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Hi I'm Richard Johnson

I grew up in Manti Utah, My Home is now in Mantua and I'm a retired engineer, married 40+ years and life is good. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in a small community in Utah and am #3 of 10 siblings, and have 7 children and 11 grand children. I have been married for 40+ years. In 1999 I built a new home with the assistance of my wife and some family members. We did all except the excavation, the concrete, and brickwork. I recently retired as an Engineer with 27 years of Civil Service from Hill AFB. I was self-employed as a custom furniture upholster for 8 years. I am a handyman and enjoy fixing all kinds of things. I have a wood shop and have made many household furnishings for family and loved ones. I spent a year building a 1965 AC Cobra (FFR) and I get a kick driving it around and showing it at car shows. I love camping in the mountains with the family and just taking it easy. I have hunted deer and elk for many years and only recently found that shooting with a camera is very rewarding. I enjoy riding our All Terrain Vehicle in the mountains just enjoying the beautiful scenery and fresh air. My wife and I went on a Mediterranean Cruise and were thrilled to see all the sites in that ancient part of the world, some several thousand years old. It is amazing what they could build and wonder how it was accomplished, their art is so detailed and beautiful. I have spent many years (37) in the Boy Scouts, and recently was awarded the Silver Beaver; an award I never thought I would receive. I am myself an Eagle Scout and have strived to, “Give back more to Scouting than Scouting has given to me”.

Why I am a Mormon

I have been a lifelong member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and my feelings and convictions of the truthfulness of the gospel have grown little by little throughout my life. I was a typical youth and often struggled with correct decisions, however I learned that turning to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ helped me to turn my life to him. I know of his comforting and strengthening love in my life on many occasions, I know he knows who I am and is interested in helping me find peace and happiness in this life. I know through the Atonement of Jesus Christ I have learned how to live a life that is more and more in tune with the will of the Lord, without his guidance in my life I would be far more selfish and inconsiderate of my fellow men. I have learned that I can have my family, not only in this life but in the life to come. It only makes sense to me that the feelings we each have for one another will be with us in the next life. We lost one child at 11 months old in a freak home accident. That tragedy was a difficult trial in our lives that caused me to briefly hate God for allowing such a thing to happen to us. I immediately felt Gods love and comfort to me at that time and have learned that relying on God’s mercy and being humble and prayerful during such difficult times will result in us being blessed and strengthened. I feel it is a great blessing to have a living Prophet and Apostles in these days who are inspired to give us guidance and council for our personal welfare. I testify the Book of Mormon is a profoundly spiritual book that will give answers to any personal challenges we have in life. I am comforted to know that God and Jesus Christ are a reality that they did indeed reveal themselves to Joseph Smith and through him restored the fullness of the gospel, with all its Priesthood ordinances and covenants, which will allow us to be exalted and return back to God’s presence to live with him after this life.

How I live my faith

I have found that giving service to others, no matter how simple it may be, brings a joy and peace to me I don’t think I could experience in any other way. My family is, of course, my first focus in life, I love to spend time with them and develop strong relationships that keep us close together. I live the gospel so that my family will look to me as an example and strive to always love one another. I have spent many years serving in the Boy Scouts of America and love teaching young men how to be successful, to gain confidence in themselves and to be leaders in life. I love to see them succeed in their challenging experiences and see the changes that come into their lives. I have found that if I trust in the Lord that I can do whatever I may be asked to do, no matter how daunting it may seem at the time. I know through leadership responsibilities I have had, that the Lord has guided me to help those I had responsibility for. I have been guided in ways that I know was the Lord working through me, to accomplish His will. Through my willingness to serve I have been blessed with spiritual strength and ability to teach what was at one time a very difficult thing to attempt. I often feel the guidance of the Lord as I visit with those around me, so I can know how to best bless and strengthen them. I find it a great blessing in my life when I share my spiritual convictions with those who are willing to hear. Currently My wife and I are serving for 18 months as full time Missionaries for the Church in Richmond Virginia. We enjoy visiting with those who may be struggling and facing difficulties, we hope to be an instrument in the hands of the Lord to bless them. Living God’s commandments and keeping His covenants has given me great joy and happiness in life. I guess I’m a little selfish in that respect, as I want all the blessings that God can give to me and I know He has promised us His blessings if we live true and faithful. Those blessings make life good!

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

Richard Johnson
I feel all things testify of the existence of a God. As I look around me I marvel at the miracle of life of all kinds. It is an insult to human intelligence to think all around us is the result of random forces of nature. I marvel at the reproduction of life as it starts from the joining of 2 cells to its division millions of times over to form such perfectly functioning and interacting organs and parts of a body comprising a living being. But not only beings but perfectly formed life of all species, plants and animals. How could such miracles form if all life came together in any other way than through the organized and intelligent coordination of a superior being we call God, not only life but the very existence of the workings of our solar system and actions of all the millions of galaxies throughout the universe? Any serious minded person that reflects on the precise organization of life and the universe must recognize that it all could not have just evolved from some big bang eons ago. Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe about "eternal life?"

Richard Johnson
We believe we are literal spirit children of a Father in Heaven, our God, who loves us and wants only the best for us. We left Gods presence in the world of spirits to come to earth as spirits to dwell in mortal bodies. To be tested and tried, exercising our agency, to see if we would follow the commands of our God and be faithful, overcoming our weaknesses through the atonement of our elder brother Jesus Christ. God has provided ordinances and covenants that we make and keep here on earth, which will allow us to eventually return back to our Father in Heaven’s presence. We are promised that if we are true and faithful to our covenants keep his commandments and strive for perfection through the atonement of Jesus Christ, we can become like He is in all things and dwell with Him and our families and loved ones throughout all eternity, this is eternal life. Show more Show less

What is the First Vision?

Richard Johnson
First of all I recognize all things testify of a God, a God who is the father of all the spirits of mankind. We being His sons and daughters must certainly be watched over and cared for by Him. He wants to nurture us in all His ways. When His ways had become corrupted and changed by man to such a degree that there was no longer a belief that He could interact with His children on earth. It only makes sense that when one such as Joseph Smith, who was sincerely seeking His guidance, one who was innocent, humble and exercising such simple faith, would receive an answer from a caring Father in Heaven. His prayer was indeed answered by the appearance of God the Father along with the Savior of mankind even Jesus Christ, to reveal their will to him, their will concerning the churches of the world and revealing to him that he would be instrumental in bringing again the true church to the earth, with it’s pure simple doctrine that reveals Gods will for all men, a doctrine that will allow us to return to our Father in Heaven after this life, if we but live true and faithful. Show more Show less

What is the Atonement of Jesus Christ? Why was it necessary for Jesus Christ to sacrifice His life?

Richard Johnson
We believe God and Jesus Christ are perfect beings and God has a plan for us to return to Him. However we also know that no unclean thing can live in His presence. We are here on earth, being tested to see if we will do God’s will. We are mortal and subject to the temptations of Satan and we often make mistakes that make us unworthy to return to God. God knew we would fail at times as Satan’s temptations over take us. Unless some means was provided to allow us to rid ourselves of our unworthiness, we could never return to Him. Jesus Christ came to earth as part of God’s plan for us, to take upon Him all the sins, pains and suffering of all mankind that would ever live on the earth. Jesus had to pay the penalty for all sins, through Him doing this for us, it allowed us to be made clean and worthy from our sins and errors in life if we would repent and turn away from our evil ways. This is the miracle of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. The Atonement accomplished two purposes, one to allow us to repent and the second was to overcome death. Jesus Christ’s death allowed him to again take up His mortal body in what is called the resurrection, the body being perfected, never to be separated from the spirit again. This resurrection also allows all those who have passed on to one day be reunited, body and spirit in a state of perfection to stand before God to be judged of our life on earth. Show more Show less