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Hi I'm Oliver Kersey

I grew up in the diverse country of England. I served a mission in that same country. I study medicine in the U.S. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Hi! I was born in the bustling city of London under the guidance of two, religiously centered parents devoted to the LDS church. After facing a few medical challenges as a child we moved to a more scenic location in the east-countryside of England; it was at this region my memories of the LDS church began. At a young age I attended public schools consisting largely of atheists and other familiar world - religions. I found it difficult at first to maintain a confidence in my own beliefs as I was the 'odd one out.' In my early teens my Dad's business took us back to the outskirts of London. It was at this time I was enrolled at a school that had a very strong Catholic influence. During this period of time I found myself presented with many opportunities to share my beliefs with close friends. After two years of residency in this area, our family was relocated to Utah in the United States; I was 13 at the time. My time in the states was very insightful. I moved from one environment full of diverse faiths and opinions to another bursting with members of my own faith! The years of adjustment in this new country proceeded my departure to serve a mission for the same church; a mission back to my native country! I was tremendously blessed to serve in the England Manchester Mission. I was able to work in historic sites such as Preston and Liverpool while learning vital, life-changing lessons. I have recently returned home and now have enrolled at BYU to study medicine.

Why I am a Mormon

All motivation and ambition in my life stems from my fundamental beliefs in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. being a part of this church means everything to me. I have always had a strong faith in our Heavenly Father yet not always believed the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints to be his organisation on earth. At age 13 I gained a strong witness from the Holy Ghost that Jesus Christ is at the head of this church, and that he leads it through revelation to His Prophets and Apostles who are very much alive today. Serving a mission for two years refined and validated my growing testimony. I will forever be thankful for the privilege the Lord gave me to share these teachings to his children in the multiple areas I labored in. I saw firsthand in those same areas, the misery that results from infidelity, substance-abuse, pornography, death, and family abandonement. The combination of these events have instilled in me a desire to adhere to standards and doctrines of our church and to share them with others.

How I live my faith

In The Book of Mormon, an analogy is recorded of a group of people, journeying forward through adverse events to eat the fruit of a tree. This fruit represents everthing we work towards in life. Along a path that leads to this eternal goal is an iron rod. As we cling to this rod, we can be sure to press through the bereavements that riddle so many of our lives. I find it crucial to maintain a high-standard of living in all times and places. Reading the Holy Scriptures and Praying to my heavenly father are two of many things I do to hold on to that 'Iron Rod.' Throughout my late childhood I was placed in many situations where my fellow schoolmates looked down on me for my beliefs. They found it difficult at first to accept my declination to participate in their religious ceremonys. The insightful thing from all of this was seeing how over time, these students became my friends and even supported my religious decisions. This was due to my resiliance at keeping my standards. The other main way I've been able to live my faith is through acts of service and missionary opportunties with others. Sometimes we all get too caught up in the craziness of life to pause and perform some small doing for someone else. Whether it's clearing a public road covered with rubble for other drivers, or helping a stranger back in to a small parking spot, there is always time to bless someone else's life. This is what the Gospel has taught me; abide by our Heavenly Father's laws out of love rather than duty, and then go forward and bless the lives of other's. I Love the Gospel!