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Hi I'm Kody

I grew up in the West in McGill, Nevada and loved every minute of it. I Hunt, Offroad, and I drive an F-150! I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a country boy that is all about Huntin, Off Roadin, the outdoors, mechanics, and I love the sound of a gun shot in the crisp air and offroad tires and a dual exhaust on the highway before sun up. I love gettin up early for a huntin trip and the smell of gasoline and gun powder in the fall crisp mornin air. I love everything bout the mountains and the outdoors. I love an outdoor challenge such as Huntin and Off Roadin. Huntin is one of my favorite things to do and I love to take others with me to show them what its about. I also love taking a ride somewhere in my truck never goin anway paticular. I love lockin in the hubs and dropin it in low and seein how far I can go and goin to places that I have never been. That's something me and my friends would do all the time. We would see who would get stuck first and have fun try to get them out just to do it again. You learn alot that way though. I also love all kinds of music but I am partial to country cause I'm a redneck which is totally fine with me. I am currently on a mission for two years in the Texas Houston Mission so I have to put that all on hold for two years but its totally worth it. I am comin down to my last couple of weeks on the mission and am so glad that I made the choice to come out and serve the Lord for these two years. The blessings of being on a mission are amazing.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a member of this church mainly because its true. I grew up in the church. I love everything that this gospel teaches. That is part of the reason that I am on a mission is because I want to share this awesome joyful gospel with people because it is such an amazing blessing to me and it can help everybody. I continue to follow The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints because it is awesome. It is the same no matter where you go and I know that that is true because I have personally experienced it. I went to my grandpas ward in Colorado and everybody there treated my family and myself as if we had lived in that ward are entire lives. My brother and I even help with blessing and passing the sacrament even though we didn't even live close to the area. Everybody that is a member of The Church is generally nice and are willing to help in anyway they can.

How I live my faith

I live my faith in a many ways. First I read my scriptures daily. Or at least try to cause I am far from perfect. I never really did before and now that I have started doing that I will continue that because it has really blessed my life in so many ways. I am also on a mission in the Houston Texas Mission. So for the next two years I will be helping others increase their faith in Jesus Christ through Repentance Baptism receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost and Enduring to the end. I will also be doing service in anyway that I can. I am not getting payed at all to be on a mission. It is 100% volunteer. I am on a mission for two reasons. One because we have been asked too by the Lord. Two because I want to help others.