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Hi I'm Anne

I'm a young adult that loves helping people, traveling and enjoying the outdoors. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Though I grew up in a small town in Utah I have always had a desire to travel the world and learn of other cultures. As a result I studied International Studies for my undergraduate degree and spent 5 months studying and living in Austria. During my time in Austria I visited: England, France, Italy, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Switzerland and Germany. I LOVED getting to know the Austrian people and communicating in German. I made life long friends during my time there and it was a great growing experience for me. Since then I have gone on to serve a Spanish speaking mission in Boston. I once again relished in the opportunity to communicate in a different language and learn about the variety of Hispanic cultures I encountered in Boston. I grew to love the Spanish language and Latin culture. Since then I have gone on to become a corporate trainer and recently spent 2 weeks traveling around Turkey. I was fortunate enough to travel and stay with natives and learned quite a bit of Turkish. I enjoyed trying all the different kinds of foods and experiencing more of the Islamic culture. I hope this year to have the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica where I will participate in the ELI program and live with a local family and teach local women "Women Empowerment". In addition to my travel bug I have a strong desire to help others. As a result I am currently developing a microloan program for local Utah refugee and immigrant families.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised in the Mormon church. But when I hit the age of 12 I became acutely aware that it wasn't "cool" to be Mormon. I so badly wanted to fit in and so I started rebelling against the things I had been taught. The more I rebelled the more unhappy I became and the more unlike myself I felt. It wasn't until I was a Sophomore in high school that my perception changed. I remember I was sitting in seminary and we were discussing General Conference. I had nothing to contribute to the conversation. However there was a group of Seniors in my class that did participate in the discussion. They shared insights into what they had enjoyed from the talks. They were happy and confident. I wanted be like them. I decided it was time I made some changes. I had always loved my Savior, but I had turned my back on Him. I was afraid I wouldn't be forgiven. But I found strength in Luke 1:37 "For with God nothing shall be impossible." I repeated that scripture to myself over and over again as I swallowed my fear and made the necessary changes to return back to full activity. What I discovered amazed me. First, that I could be forgiven and that my Heavenly Father and my Savior still loved me. And second, that my happiness is directly correlated to my obedience to the teachings of the church. The more I live the gospel, the happier I am. It is because of this happiness and peace I know that the Mormon church and the gospel are true. I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God. I know that he restored the fullness of the gospel to the earth. I know there are modern day prophets and apostles. I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God. I know it because I live it and I have seen how it has changed my life. And that's why I'm a Mormon. Because it's TRUE and because it makes me happy. My religion has taught me how to apply my Savior's Atonement. And anytime I stumble or make a mistake if I return to living the principles of the gospel I am lead back to my Savior.

How I live my faith

I try to live my faith everyday. I seek daily to be a disciple of Christ and to act how He would act and to treat others how He would treat them. I begin each day by reading from the scriptures. This invites the spirit into my life. I then do what I can to maintain the spirit throughout the day, by listening to uplifting music and taking opportunities to serve others. I attend church, church activities and a religion class with other young adults in my area throughout the week. I also serve in a church calling. My current church calling is to visit with adolescent girls that are in a medical lock down facility. These girls range in ages from 12-17. Many of them have committed crimes, others have experienced abuse in their homes and families. All of the girls are there to receive counseling and be rehabilitated to return back to society. They are the cutest girls ever! I love them SO much. Each Sunday we hold non-denominational church services with them. We teach them from the Bible and focus on repentance, forgiveness, love and their Savior. We also teach them how to pray and invite them to pray when they are with us. We seek to be examples to them and help them see that living the gospel and obey God's commandments will bring them happiness, peace and healing. We also have weekly activities with them and do anything from volleyball to painting nails. When I am with them I can feel how much my Heavenly Father and my Savior loves them. I do everything I can to help them feel of this love. I also participate in Visiting Teaching. I go out and visit girls that attend church with me. We become friends and I make sure that if they need anything that the leadership of the church knows so they can help them. When I visit these girls I do what I can to help them feel of their potential and infinite worth in the eyes of God. I also attend the temple twice a month. I do what I can to share the peace I feel there and my testimony of the gospel with others.