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Hi I'm Kathy Johnson

I'm a Mormon. I joined the Mormon Church when I was 25 years old, and it was the best thing I ever did.

About Me

I am a mother of 2 great kids and stepmother to 5 that are just as great. I am married to my soul mate, but I spent 10 years as a single mother before I met him. It was hard, but makes me appreciate him so much more. I currently work as an underwriter for a large insurance company.

Why I am a Mormon

I had heard about the Mormon Church when I was a teenager, but growing up in Michigan, where Mormons are not so common, meant that I knew very little about it. When I was going to college, I met someone who was a Mormon. His faith impressed me, and I wanted to know more. So, I started reading the Book of Mormon in secret, because I didn't want him to get all excited - I was only curious, after all, right? I started marking all the places where I read something that touched me, but since it was a library book I had to use paper clips. When I ran out of paper clips, I decided it was time to tell my friend and ask him for a book of my own. I read it every day, each day growing more sure that what I was reading was so uplifting and precious that I wanted very much to gain a testimony of it. I prayed daily to know that it was true, and when I read the words of Alma 32:28, "... the word is good, for it beginneth to enlarge my soul," it went straight to my heart, and I knew the Book of Mormon was the word of God. That was the beginning of my testimony, which has grown to include other precious things: Joseph Smith was a prophet, we have a living prophet today, we are literally spirit children of our Father in Heaven, Jesus Christ is his son and our redeemer, and through faith in Him we can return to our home in heaven. Without this knowledge, this certainty, I would be lost.

How I live my faith

How DO I live my faith? That is a soul-searching question. The bare facts are that I pay tithing, live the Word of Wisdom (no coffee, tea, tobacco, or alcohol) and the Law of Chastity, attend my church meetings, and serve as a secretary for the Young Women program. But being a Mormon is more about who I am. It isn't something I do. It is - or ought to be - everything I do. Being honest and forthright, serving others, treating everyone as a brother or sister - this is my goal. I will always fall short, but I always say that if I never disappoint myself, then my standards are too low. I know the Lord only asks that I do my best, repent when I fail, and keep swinging for the bleachers. I will never be perfect, and that's why I need a Savior. Swinging and missing a lot keeps me humble.