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Hi I'm Jonathon

I'm pursuing a degree in Chemical Engineering, I love playing the cello, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I love my family. They're so great. I owe everything to my parents and my siblings are some of my best friends. I am currently single, but I imagine someday marrying my best friend. I just haven't met her yet. I am a student at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. A couple years ago I decided to try majoring in Chemical Engineering and I quickly fell in love with it. I love solving problems! I'm looking forward to a career working hard to solve some of the big problems posed to my generation. This includes finding cheap, clean energy for the world. I hope to make significant contributions toward solving this and other problems, to make the world a better place because I lived in it. My personal interests include playing the cello, playing chess and risk, and playing with friends. I also enjoy learning, reading, and singing. I grew up in Arizona. In High School, I joined the track team and pole-vaulted. After High School, I served a mission for my church in Cambodia. That was a great experience! I realized how much I have to be grateful for.

Why I am a Mormon

I think everyone goes through genuinely hard times in life. There have been times in my life where I felt alone and didn't know what to do. It was those times that I prayed. I learned by experience that Christ has the power to help me when no one else can. He is one of my best friends. I know that he's always there and is always willing to help me. I didn't always know that, but I do now. When I was in Junior High, my parents decided to move. I switched schools and had to look for a new group of friends. Looking back, it wasn't really that big of a deal. But at the time, I felt like no one cared. My parents had always taught me that God wanted me to be happy. I didn't understand why such hard things were happening to me, but I decided to ask him to help me. When I did so, I felt so much peace. I just knew that everything would be okay and that God really did love me. That was one of my first strong experiences that strengthened my relationship with God. Since then, I've had many more experiences that have showed me how much God cares. I know that he really does love me. He is aware of me and is sad for me when I'm sad, happy for me when I'm happy. I love him back because he first loved me.

How I live my faith

The nice thing about the LDS church is that everybody has the chance to serve and everybody is equally important. One of my favorite things I've ever been asked to do for my church was to teach at Sunday School. I do not know the most about the scriptures, but I love to ask questions and see what others think. I just think it's a lot of fun! It was because I was asked to teach at church that I learned how much I love teaching. My greatest adventure in serving was going to Cambodia for two years to teach people there about the gospel. I had to learn Cambodian. That was really hard for me, but I did it with a lot of help from God and others around me. The Cambodians were really patient with my poor Cambodian at first. They are so great! I loved being there serving them. They have an incredible culture that I admire in so many ways. Currently, I am a leader in a young men's organization. I get to work with a lot of other men my age. It's a lot of fun to work with them. I also just go visit some of the members of my church who live nearby. I've met many good friends because I did what my church leaders asked me to.

How can we come to know our Father in Heaven?

Here's the challenge: how do you meet and come to know someone personally who you can't see? I admit, it can seem challenging to get to know God, but it's really not that hard. That's because God wants to develop a strong relationship with us. Developing a strong relationship with God is so critical to our happiness in this life. Pray to him often and you will get to know him. I also believe that the best way to get to know him is by doing his will. Over time, I've learned I can trust him. I've grown more sure that he answers my prayers, that he is real, and that he loves me. I am sure that these same principles can help anyone realize that God, our father, can also be a very real friend. Show more Show less

Why was a Restoration of the Gospel needed? Haven’t we always had the Bible?

I love the Bible! What a wonderful blessing it is to mankind! It teaches us that when Christ organized his church on the earth, he set Peter at its head (Matt 16:18). He gave Peter and the apostles the authority to perform ordinances and lead the church. I will compare the church to a car and the authority to car keys. The car is Christ's. However, he left the keys with his apostles and instructed them to care for the church. Years later, the apostles were all killed. No one held the keys to the car anymore, and so the car could not be used. The original church was lost. We certainly don't need a different car today, Christ is the same from the beginning and so is his church. However, we need to be given the car keys if we want to use the car as it was designed. In the spring of 1820, God appeared to Joseph Smith in a grove of trees. Over time, God restored the "car keys" to Joseph and gave him instructions on how to run the car. God guides his children today just as he did anciently: by conferring authority on apostles and prophets to guide the rest of the church. Without a restoration of authority, we would not be able to receive a fullness of the blessings of the church. I am so grateful to God that he has restored the organization of the church exactly as it existed in former days. Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe about family?

My family means everything to me. Like others, I spend most of every week worried about school, money, and other pressures of life, but my family means more to me than all of that. When we leave this life, we will not be able to take our cars or our fortunes with us, but I do believe we can live with our family after this life. Families who follow Jesus Christ can be sealed together forever in the holy temples of God. It is only by God's marvelous power that this can happen. This is the greatest blessing I have been given! God has given me the assurance that no matter what happens, I can live with my family forever. That brings me so much peace. Anyone can receive this same blessing who sincerely follows Christ and lives worthy to enter the holy temple of God. Show more Show less