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Hi I'm Tiffany Michelle Ellsworth

I'm a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints; also known as a mormon.

About Me

My husband and I are currently living in Lawton, Oklahoma as he was stationed here as of October 2010. We were married on March 6th 2010 and are expecting our first child, April 6th 2012. It is going to be a little girl, which we have decided to name, Joselyn Lilly Ellsworth. We cannot wait to be sealed in one of God's beautiful temples and finally know that eternity is what's in store for us. My husband, Jason, is in the United States Army and has about 2 years before he is done. He is unfortunately scheduled to deploy this October to Kuwait for a year. Our little one will only be 6 months by then, so we are praying somehow this doesn't happen. Both of our families live in Thatcher, Arizona where we are both originally from. We actually grew up in the same neighborhood, attended the same school, and went to the same ward. We are very happy and in love; striving together to live righteously and work towards the Celestial Kingdom.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a mormon, because I know that many years ago a boy of 14; Joseph Smith, went into the sacred grove and knelt down to ask with faith what church was right. I believe he was visited by God the Father and His son, Jesus Christ. They spoke to him and told him about this gospel, God's gospel. The one he would restore and help spread throughout all the world in years to come. I know Joseph was a true prophet of God and did in fact recieve revelation and guidance in this marvelous work he restored. I am grateful for his obedience and courage to not deny what he knew was right and true. Even with so many telling him he was wrong and no one could recieve revelation at that time, he still pushed forward and relied on God to take care of the rest. I believe this is one of the greatest acts of faith to ever happen in the history of the Earth. Joseph was truly a man of great courage and strength. I admire his wife, Emma for standing by his side and supporting his service to the gospel. I know we lived before this life and we faught for God's plan and are here to be tested and hopefully found worthy to return to His presence again. I know my Father in Heaven loves me and every single one of us on Earth. I am grateful for my brother and Savior, Jesus Christ for loving us all enough to sacrifice Himself and suffer the atonement so we may be forgiven of our sins and become as He is.

How I live my faith

I strive to live my faith by being a witness to His name. I hope when others see me they notice there is something different about me that they would like to feel. I am happy, because I am a mormon. I love this gospel with all that I am. I only hope that reflects from my actions. I have always chosen to have good friends who also strive to live righteously and follow the teaching of Christ. I was lucky to be born into a family who knew of the gospel. I have always been a member of this church and have prayed for myself to inquire of its truthfulness. I have recieved an answer and since then have never questioned it again. My answer was as clear as a beautiful summer sky. I felt warm and peaceful inside, my heart was pounding in my chest and my mind was clear and focused. I knew this was right without any doubt whatsoever. I knew God was there and that prayer was real and we can recieve revelation and guidance if we sincerely ask with faith and real intent. I knew this was the true church here upon the Earth, and I knew I wanted to be a part of it.

What is the Law of Chastity?

Tiffany Michelle Ellsworth
I believe this is one of the most important laws to follow in the church. Keeping ourselves pure and sexually clean will not only prevent much stress and guilt, but it will strengthen our personal control and make the time when we can practice these intimate acts with our spouse much more special and rewarding. I know that if we will stay clean and keep the law of Chastity that happiness will come much easier and our days will be brighter and full of hope. How wonderful would it feel to marry the one you love and know that you both have saved yourself for each other? It can be so powerful a feeling to be pure and clean. However, those who do break this law can be forgiven through serious repentance and obedience. God is merciful and wants us to be happy and feel peace. We would not have the atonement if He didn't love us. Show more Show less