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Hi I'm Alexandra Mackenzie Johns

I live in Jersey, Channel Islands, am happily married and a new mum! I teach, direct and perform in theatre and film. I am Mormon.

About Me

I am from Jersey in the Channel Islands, and have a great love of theatre, with an undergraduate degree in Theatre Studies and English Literature, and a Masters degree in Theatre. I have been teaching English Literature and Performance Studies up to 18 year olds for the past 4 years and finding it very rewarding, but am soon starting my pHD in Theatre Practice. Which is both scary, and exciting. I am recently married and a new mum, and am finding sharing life's journey with my husband and new baby daughter the sweetest joy in this life by far. I love great theatre and film, enjoy running and hiking and spending time in nature, and was last year in my first feature film, 17 Miracles, and that was a brilliant experience! Spending time with my family, reading great writings, and enjoying fabulous food are some of my great pleasures, as well as being involved with theatre that tells the stories, history and faith of the LDS people.

Why I am a Mormon

My family joined the LDS church before I was born, and so I grew up attending church with my mum, older brother, aunts and cousins and grandfather. It was a sweet experience as a child, and I remember many comforting and spiritual experiences as a little girl, that are still sacred to me. However, as with anything your parents teach you, you grow to the stage where you need to know for yourself of the truthfulness of these things, and it has become important to me to know for myself that Joseph Smith was a true prophet. I have had many, many experiences to know that God lives, loves me as his daughter, and cares for my individual happiness. I too have had many experiences with Christ's atonement and profound love for me, being cleansed of my sins and healed of my hurts and fears. And, through the Holy Ghost, I have come to know for myself, independent of the faith of others, that Joseph Smith was called as a modern day prophet by them. He was not a perfect man, but he was a godly man, a prophet, and the more I study his teachings and revelations, and his translation of the Book of Mormon, the more convinced I am that he was not a liar or evil man, as many today make him out to be. As far as I am concerned, he made the claims he made, bold and all together revolutionary claims, and it is for us on this earth to find our for ourselves if we feel he spoke truth or not. And the source of all truth is God and the Holy Spirit and Christ. And through the Holy Spirit I have come to know for myself that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- day Saints is Christ's true church on the earth today. I think there is much in many churches that is light and truth, but I am convinced through sincere and heartfelt searching that this is Christ's true church on the earth today, as bold and as unpopular as that statement at times is. I am profoundly grateful for religious freedom, and to live in a society where that is afforded me, and I hope to always protect it for myself and others.

How I live my faith

At present I teach the children aged 4-5 in my local church, and LOVE IT! They are curious, humble, kind to a degree that moves me deeply, and simply delighted by life and all she offers. It is a joy to teach them. Stressful and busy at times to feel prepared for teaching them, but during those lessons, a pure joy to be there and share more of Christ and his ways with them. Before teaching the children, I was in charge of the teenage girls in the church, and whilst there were not that many of us, it was still a very positive experience in my life. They set themselves a goal to work the coastline of the island of Jersey in the British Isles, and achieved it! I was so very proud of them - 45 miles in one go. I try to make time for heartfelt prayer every day, and scripture study, to help me understand Christ more fully and remember him, as living in a secular, fast paced culture, I find it easy to forgot God and Christ in my life, unless I make specific efforts to turn to them each day, in both gratitude and need. I believe that the majority of people are good, kind, loving individuals, maybe I am naive in that, but that has been my experience of life. And I have known many good people with inherent morality and greatness who are not religious. So I do not ultimately look to my faith for only a moral compass, though it certainly helps me personally to be more moral. Rather I look to my faith to do that for me which I cannot do alone, cleanse me of my sins, and unite me with my loved ones in this life and the next. I also look to modern prophets to give me counsel that God wants all of his children to know for this day, counsel which I can see is contrary to some popular teachings, but which blesses my life personally nonetheless.