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Hi I'm Kim

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a mom, I work as a caregiver, I enjoy singing, studying different religions as well as my own, I was raised by an inactive parent who challenged me often on why I had such a strong testimony. I was raised around many people that did not belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Some of them were former disgruntled members of the Church. I loved them all so much. They are all as much like family to me as if they were so by blood. So the line between member and non-member is blurred for me. I also enjoy writing, I like to read (even though I don't take enough time to do more of it), I love getting in touch with old friends, I love having friends over, I thoroughly enjoy having the missionaries over for a meal and I enjoy going to church although my responsibilities now make that difficult...It hasn't stopped me though due to modern technology I still can participate. I have had some college, my main focus was Social Work I found that I didn't agree with some of the major tennents of Social Work so I switched my major to Business Management after spending 10 years involved in some way in real estate...I would have pursued it further then the economy tanked. Well enough about me..

Why I am a Mormon

Well, why am I a Mormon? The best way I can describe it is...from the earliest I can recall, I believed in God, even though it wasn't openly practiced often in my home I knew the church was true. Whenever I went to church as a small child In I felt like I was home. My parents were divorced and my brother and I were being raised by my mom. She had never acquired a testimony of the church. Life was very hard on her. My mother married an abusive man and we moved away from my childhood city. I went to school with a girl named Kathy, she invited me to attend church with her. I went not often though because I was worried about my mom at home with my step-father. I went enough to jog my memory of a place that I once called home. As a teenager, I became involved with an LDS family that showed me how by living the gospel could make you an exceptional family inspite of hardships and outside negative influenses. I began to immerse my self in the church. My mom helped me build my testimony by debating the subject with me every time I came home from church. In a round about way she helped to strengthen my testimony. I used to spend time with my grandma, who had a very strong testimony. I learned alot about many things through her example. Through out the course of my own challenged life, I have had times of doubt, never denial.

How I live my faith

How do I participate? Well right now I am working on a project with Geneology. My job is 24-7, so attending church in the building is difficult, so I have been working on my testimony at home...I wake up every morning in prayer and study. I watch Sacrament meeting on BYUtv on Sunday. We consider Sunday to be the Sabbath so I try to get some quiet time on Sunday to meditate on the Lord. I do this sometimes during the week too if I feel that I have lost the Divine connection. I study from many sources, not just LDS. I am so grateful to many others who have taught me so very much. I choose to find God everywhere and in all things. I would never be involved in a Church that did not encourage individual study. All the studying I have done, I am grateful that I have been blessed enough to be baptized. I have always believed the Book of Mormon to be true. I can't deny it. I was even lucky enough to be at a meeting where an archeaologist, who was trying to prove to his college roommate that the church wasn't true. Using the Book of Mormon as his guide, he showed us picnic tables full of artifacts proving the Book of Mormon to be true. He said that he could not bring all the things he found, the objects were too numerous. The Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ.

Why do some call Mormonism a cult?

I really like the Official Church answer to this question. I have been told by non-members that our church is a cult because we worship a man (Joseph Smith) as founder of it and that he is considered a false prophet by many outside the Church. We are taught in the Church to follow the living prophet. Joseph Smith to us was called upon to restore with Divine assistance the church as it was set up by Peter after the atonement of the Savior. The Church was removed from the earth because of unbelief and unholy practices by its members who stopped following Christ and his teachings. Through Joseph Smith, the truth has been restored to the earth once again. In my study of other religions, I have found that after the time of Joseph Smith's stewardship...Churches of all kinds seemed to have their own revolutions searching for a greater understanding of Christ's ministery. We respect all who search for truth, for they will find it. We believe that all men should be able to worship how, where, or what they may. Show more Show less