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Hi I'm Luke Allred

I love people, family, and food. I like to have fun. I am happyNO MATTER WHAT. I love Jesus Christ and I'm a Mormon

About Me

Hi! I'm Luke! I live in Kaysville Utah, I am a fun-loving happy man that likes to see others happy. I try to laugh at least once a day. I love doing impressions of people and actors. I love playing the guessing game with movie lines. I love this Gospel and the Church it espouses. I threw the Discus and Shot Put in High School. I served a full time mission in the Great Ohio and Kentucky area. This gospel has changed my life for the better and continues to do so every day of my life. I am proud to be a member of this church.

Why I am a Mormon

Because I choose to be. Yes i grew up in the church and yes i was forced to church by my parents when i was younger. But after a while i wanted to go on my own. That's how it works in the rest of the world, if your parents are LDS what do you usually grow up to be...LDS! Same thing with catholics, baptists, methodists, thats a pattern of life, we believe what our parents believe. Its what i like to call 'borrowed light', our testimony in that thing or religion is based on what we know through our parents. This was me about 4 months into my mission with the Book of Mormon. I wasn't really sure of its divinity yet and that made me unsure about a lot of things. So what did I do? I took Moroni's Promise and had just finished the book and went to pray. Now it took me about 3 hours of sincere heart felt prayer before i got the answer. I asked Him 3 distinct times 'if the Book of Mormon was true?'. The first two answers were like a pin prick to the heart like 'yeah! you already know its true!' but i couldn't decide if that was my mind making things up or not so i kept asking. The third time He answered I can not describe in words but i will get as close as i can. Do you know what hugging a friend is like after not seeing them for years? maybe a family member? Do you remember your embrace? The love and outpouring of emotional connection to this person. Or holding your loved ones hand and the fire and excitement that happens every time. Combine the two and you have a piece of what i have felt for my Savior through that marvelous book and that prayer that night. Knees and eyes sore i retired to bed with a quiet satisfaction that nothing will ever take that from me and it is something that i can hold on to forever, just like a friend or a family member. No one and nothing will ever take my testimony of the Book of Mormon and my love of the Savior.

How I live my faith

I go to church, I read my Bible and Book of Mormon, I love unconditionally, and i keep my heart as pure as i can while on this earth and in this mortal world. I be the person i want to see in the world doing everything that i'm supposed to be.

Why do some call Mormonism a cult?

Luke Allred
Because people are afraid of what they don't understand so they label it what they want. Also because people don't know the difference between secret and sacred. Anyone can find out what we do in our temples and church buildings, all you have to do is come, be obedient to the laws of Heavenly Father and wall-ah! You can come see what the temple has to offer, which is a ton of blessings. Show more Show less