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Hi I'm Don

I'm a retired computer business owner. I enjoy the outdoors. I love being a husband, father and grandfather. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I enjoy the outdoors a lot because of experiences during my youth with dedicated leaders. I enjoy the solitude of fishing and exploring with trail motorcycles. These activities were staples with our children as they grew up. As we raised our 7 children, camping was what we often did, usually monthly, because we could afford it. Those activities brought our family close together and they are still talked about even though the "children" are now adults. I have jogged a mile and a half virtually every day for 30+ years - not because I enjoy it, but because it makes me more energetic and fit than I would otherwise be. Longevity does not run in our family genes. I have owned a computer support business much of my life. I have usually looked forward to this work and the challenge. I recently retired and one of our children took over the business. The family really questioned whether I could ever retire. I have, however, greatly enjoyed the extra time to do things with my wife, children and grandchildren. It has also given me extra time to serve others (which I have come to really enjoy), particularly in the church. I am an optimist and I enjoy what I am doing most of the time - whether it is family activities, serving others or supporting my family. The church has helped me to understand the most important priorities in my life.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in Northern California in a family that was LDS and enjoyed selfless parents and dedicated youth leaders. There came a time when I needed to find out for certain, for myself, if the LDS way of life was correct. I had no reason to doubt the principles I had been taught, but needed a personal spiritual confirmation. At the age of 20, I felt that it was time to stop living on "borrowed light" and decided to study The Book of Mormon in depth, along with heartfelt prayer to know if it was true. I was aware of the promise near the end of the book by one of its ancient authors to "ask God ... if these things are not true ... and he will manifest the truth of it unto you by the power of the Holy Ghost". Over a relatively short period of time, I experienced that spiritual confirmation in an unmistakable way. As I matured and married and had a family, I found that the doctrine of the church or as they are called "the principles of the gospel", when sincerely observed, brought great joy and peace to me and to my family. I have found that the principles of the gospel are eternal and have brought much needed direction in my life in areas as diverse as personal spirituality, how to share purposes and joy with my spouse, raising children and even in personal and business ethics. In addition to the practical evidence, I have often received spiritual confirmation of many truths. Our family has not been free of challenges, but the correct direction as described by the scriptures and the prophets has helped me immensely. The way of the Savior, Jesus Christ gradually has become more prominent in my life as I have matured.

How I live my faith

A basic principle of the church is the importance of the family unit. One of my highest priorities is to be a worthy husband and father in our home - to provide a positive example and a loving atmosphere. This can be a great, but rewarding challenge. During my youth, I was the recipient of many adults giving selfless service to me and others because of their spiritual understanding that the principles taught by Jesus Christ were correct. I have also grown to love serving others. The LDS church offers many opportunities to serve. All positions are without pay (other than the spiritual reward). Many volunteers staff each local church organization. People are asked to serve as teachers, administrators, musicians, youth leaders and as leaders who work with adult women and men. These positions are all temporary and usually cause you to stretch and grow spiritually. Much of my church service has been with the teenage youth, almost like a payback for the caring leaders I had growing up. I have enjoyed being a Boy Scout leader for different age groups; taking them on campouts and helping them learn to be leaders while we as adults provided "shadow leadership". I feel the youth in this generation are much more in tune with spiritual things than I was at their age. I have also served for many years as a "home teacher" responsible for 4 or 5 families, to provide caring help. Obviously not all service is or needs to be "assigned".

What blessings can we receive through the gift of the Holy Ghost?

We believe that the Holy Ghost can comfort or inspire most people, even though they are not members of the LDS church, on a temporary basis as needed. However after a person is baptized, hands are laid upon their head and they are given the "gift of the Holy Ghost" which is the right to the constant companionship of the third member of the Godhead as they live worthily. Some ways our family has been blessed by the Holy Ghost are as a comfort during times of discouragement, as an indicator of truth taught, in family decisions such as the timing of children or career moves and to help with the answer to problems we encountered. When I decided who to marry, I sought and felt that I received the direction of the Holy Ghost. Our family has also had experiences where we have been warned of danger and been helped in counseling our children. It has extended our understanding far beyond our own personal knowledge. Two challenges come with the gift of the Holy Ghost - Maintaining your worthiness to receive those promptings and recognizing the workings of the spirits in a busy life. Show more Show less