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Hi I'm Shelley

I grew up on a farm in Montana. I have traveled all over the world. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up on a farm outside a small town. I mean a very small town. Growing up in the middle of nowhere didn't seem very exciting to me but I had dreams about traveling and seeing the world. After graduating from high school, I started college where I started planning to put my dreams in motion. I first spent three months in Paris, France as part of a semester abroad. While in France I had the opportunity to travel around different parts of France and even visit Switzerland and the Czech Republic. The following year I spent another three months teaching English in Saint Petersburg, Russia with a non-profit organization. During those months I was able to visit Estonia, Latvia, Sweden and Finland as well as having a blast with my group of 7 year old students. When I got back and started school again I felt ready for another great adventure. My next adventure was the best of all and came 6 feet tall with brown hair and brown eyes and let me tell you, I didn't let him get away. A month after we were married we packed our bags and flew to Hefei, China (to teach English again) for another 3 months. We just called it an extended honeymoon. Since we've been back we've settled down and got to work, me finishing my degree and my husband starting law school. Now we've been married just over 3 years and even though we haven't traveled since China, I keep one eye on the skies waiting for the next perfect opportunity.

Why I am a Mormon

Both my parents (and all four of my grandparents) are Mormon and as soon as I was born, I went to church. At church and at home I was taught about God, my Heavenly Father, who loved me so much that He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to live and die on the earth so that I could be led back into His presence. I was taught as a child to draw nearer to God by praying to Him, by listening to His prophets, by trying to follow Jesus' example, and then as I got older, to read from the scriptures. This was an important foundation for when I was a teenager. As a teen I attended early morning seminary, a class where we read from the Old and New Testament, the Book of Mormon, and the Doctrine and Covenants. During this time my seminary teachers, church leaders, and parents encouraged me to ponder the things I was reading and studying, to pray about them, and to find out for myself if they were true. I didn't have an AHA moment or a lightning moment but over time I continually felt peace and the quiet promptings from the spirit that the things I was taught from my youth were true. This helped me during high school as most of my friends didn't believe the same things as me and didn't hold the same standards that I held. It also helped prepare me for the time when I moved away from home and went to college. Knowing that the church was true and that I was indeed a child of God has helped me battle through the storms of life. Now matter how big my Goliath is I know that with the Lord's help I can conquer. And just as I was taught as a child I know that as I continue to pray to Him, continue to read His scriptures, listen to the prophet and do my best to follow Jesus' example and I know that someday I can return to his presence. This brings peace and comfort to me everyday.

How I live my faith

I try to live my faith, and trust me the try part is important, by following the Savior's example and by trying (again I can't stress this enough) to understand and do what God wants me to do. When I think about Jesus and His life and ministry, I can't help but focus on His service, love, and kindness to all those around Him. I know that everyone is a child of God and even though not everyone acts like it, everyone deserves my kindness. I'll admit it's not easy to do, and I don't always succeed but the number one way I try to live my faith is by being kind to those around me. The second is to serve those around me. The Savior was constantly serving his fellow men by healing the sick, feeding the hungry, blessing people, teaching people. So as His follower I feel it is very important to serve those around me which goes hand in hand with being kind. No I can't heal the sick but I can visit the sick, pray for the sick, feed the sick and their families, drive the sick to their doctor's appointments or anything else they might need. I can't feed everyone who's hungry but I do share the money and good's the Lord has blessed me with to those in need partly through donations to the church's food and other humanitarian funds. I can give comfort and encouragement to those who need it. At church I have been asked to serve in the church library, in the women's organization, to visit those who may need help, and to help with the music. Every time I am asked to serve it gives me a wonderful opportunity to try to help those around me, even if it is in small ways.