What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Seth

I grew up in a USAF family, and I've moved all over the USA and graduated HS. Now, I'm a missionary in Salt Lake City en Español.

About Me

Español: Estoy graduado de escuela secondario, y he buscando por trabajo. Viví con mi familia, trabajando alrededor mi hogar. Me gusta estarando con mis amigos; jugamos Magic: the Gathering. Tambien me gusta jugando futból, leyendo, y dibujando (con lapices Prismacolor). Tengo dos hermanas y un hermano mono (que tiene 4 años) menor de yo. Ahora, estoy sirviendo en Salt Lake City al misionero. Lo siento porque mi español es roto (¡chiste!). English: I'm recently out of high school, and have been looking for a job. I live with my family, and work around the house to earn my keep. I have a few good friends I like to hang out with; we enjoy playing games such as Magic: the Gathering. I also like playing racquetball and soccer, and I am an avid reader and artist (my weapon of choice is a set of Prismacolor pencils). I am the oldest child in my family; I have two younger sisters and a wonderful three-year-old little brother. Right now, I'm serving a mission in Utah, Spanish speaking.

Why I am a Mormon

My family have been members of the church since before I was born. I was raised in Primary and Sunday School, and I have always had good examples to follow. For a while, I didn't really know if the church was true. I didn't doubt it, exactly, but I had no real idea. One day, on a youth trip, we were all encouraged to find somewhere private and pray and perhaps read some scriptures, and then open a letter that had been written to us by our parents before the trip. I had been having a rough time at home and school and was not sure I could keep going, or if anyone cared about me. I prayed about my problems and asked for help. Then I opened the letter. As I read, I found tears streaming down my face. In the letter, all the questions I had prayed about were addressed, amazingly, in the order that I had asked them! It was as if my parents had been there, listening to me pouring my heart out to my Father in heaven. In the letter, they comforted me and assured me that they loved me and were proud of my efforts to keep going. It was then that I truly knew that this was the true church, and that inspiration from heaven could be given, even for a fifteen year old boy who wasn't sure if he could make it.

How I live my faith

Español: Yo he hecho siempre el trabajo mejor que puedo para cumplir mis responsibilidades. Yo servio de un lidere de los quórumes de los diáconos (12-13 años), maestros (13-14 años) y presbíteros (16-17 años). Ahora, soy un missionero por dos años en el misión de Salt Lake City Sur; mis responsibilidades son a encontrar personas quien son buscando por la verdad y les invito ellos a venir a Cristo, y tambien les dando servicio a aquellos que lo necesitan. Mi familia ha sido siempre muy alegre sobre servicio. Participamos en projectas de servicio y hace cosas para las otros en vez de regalos caras en el Navidad. Mis padres ha siempre enseñadome a trabajar y cumplir mis responsibilidades. English: I have always done my best to fulfill the responsibilities of my callings. I have served in the leadership of the Deacons (12-13), Teachers (14-15) and Priests (16-17) Quorums. Right now I am a full-time missionary in the Salt Lake City South mission; my responsibilities are to find people who are searching for the truth and invite them to come unto Christ, as well as giving service to those who need it. My family has always been very service-oriented. We participate in different service projects, and on Christmas instead of purchasing expensive gifts we find some service to render as a family and get smaller presents for each other. My parents have done their best to instill a sense of duty in me, as well as a work ethic.

What is a ward/stake/branch?

A ward or branch is a local part of the church. There is usually at least one ward in each town; some towns in Utah have upwards of thirty! In my town we have only one ward. Wards and branches are places for members to meet and get to know each other. It is a lot easier to live by the gospel when you have plenty of friends who do so as well. A ward has its own organization, with a bishop presiding, and organizations for men, women, youth, and children. Each ward or branch meets each Sunday for Sacrament meeting. The focus of this meeting is taking the Sacrament, which is done by the Deacons, Teachers, and Priests, but we also sing hymns and members give talks. A stake is a group of wards in an area. Stakes usually contain around five to ten wards from nearby towns. The stake organizes larger activities and meetings. There are quarterly Stake Conferences, where all the members of the Church in a stake meet together and show their support for the leaders of the stake and the church as a whole. There are also messages shared by stake leaders. Show more Show less