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Hi I'm Rebecca

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in a small town in Montana, moved to a small town in Hawaii, and while I was there, met a handsome young man from a small town in California. We got married and lived in several small towns in California, pursuing education and jobs, before relocating back to my favorite small Montana town. I grew up hiking in the Rocky Mountains, my first love, and in young adulthood fell in love with the beaches of Hawaii and central California, as well as the beautiful Sierra mountains. I don't like traffic or smog, but I do love mountain trails and wide open space, and wildflowers of all kinds. Any day spent in the sunshine with bare feet is a good day in my book. I love to write--its how I find inspiration, vent frustration, express affection and sort my thoughts. Most of all, I love playing outside with my husband, my kids and my dog. With four kids under the age of 8, life is never boring.

Why I am a Mormon

In the teaching of the Gospel, I find peace, hope and happiness, in an ever more busy, noisy, contention-filled world. In the structure and organization of the Church, I find family and friends everywhere I go. I am quite shy by nature, but have nevertheless spent the last 10 years living a bit like a gypsy, moving fairly regularly. This is quite a difficult thing for me, because I am so attached to my family, and its hard for me to overcome that shyness and reach out to people around me. But every time I move to a new ward, I know that I will be surrounded by love, that I will find people who will love me for me and who will treat me like family--indeed, people who will think of me as family. And in the mean time, while I'm trying to make new friends, the teaching of the Church remind me that I have the Savior as my constant companion in life, the truest friend, and that I can always count on him. The Church helps me to know how to raise my children in a way that they can find happiness and fulfillment in their lives, and avoid so many of the pitfalls that are so common to our world.

How I live my faith

Our family tries to live our faith every day, by serving each other and those around us. We practice being patient, looking for little things we can do to help each other, and we look for people in our extended family or community that we might be able to serve in some way, be it dropping off a plate of cookies, raking leaves, or just visiting for a while. We read our scriptures together each day as a family, and end our evening with a family prayer. Currently, I serve as a teacher for an adult Sunday School, and my husband and I try to be diligent in serving in whatever capacity we are asked. In the past, we've both spent quite a lot of time working with youth (teaching lessons, arranging/preparing activities, etc) and have loved the energy of the LDS youth and the things we've learned from them. Mostly, we aim for being centered enough on Christ in our daily lives so that those we interact with might feel His love through us. First and foremost, Christ served others, and that is our daily goal as well.

Why do some call Mormonism a cult?

Some of the particulars of our doctrine differ a little bit from many traditional Catholic, Protestant and other Christian faiths. Specifically, we don't believe the traditionally accepted Nicene Creed that declares all three members of the Godhead to be one person. We believe that Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit are one in love, one in purpose, but are three separate beings. We believe this not because a roomful of scholars, however intelligent, faithful and well-studied, came to a conclusion that they could live with--we believe it because we believe that God the Father and Jesus Christ revealed themselves in the modern day to a prophet, Joseph Smith. We believe his testimony that he saw them, two separate individuals, and that they spoke to him. We believe that God is a loving Father, and that consequently he has not shut the heavens off, but has called modern prophets to teach and guide people with love and authority, so that his children might return to him. In one very, very important respect, we do NOT differ with other Christians: we believe that Jesus of Nazareth was born into this world to save us from our sins; that His atonement heals all wounds and cleanses all sins; and by His name, and His alone, are men and women saved and become capable of eternal life with God the Father. We believe most sincerely and emphatically that Jesus Christ is the Savior of all mankind--the only savior. Show more Show less