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Hi I'm Jarom

I grew up in Yuma, Arizona, United States. I enjoy football, and playing video games. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I have always played video games. Even before I could read, I had a controller in my hand. It seems childish now, but at the time that was me. That was who I was. Simple as that. It wasn't until High School that I began to broaden my horizon. When I tried other things. I wanted to know why video games are so alluring for me. I love the stories. I love the background. I love the music. Such beautiful music! I took some church classes to learn more about the church. I was born a Mormon, but I'd never truly understood anything about it. So I searched. For 4 years I continued to study my own church. Find out who I was. I also studied other churches. I wanted to know what else was out there in the world. I concluded my search when graduating from high school. In all of my searches, in all of my studies, nothing came close to the same feeling as the Mormon church. As I studied the Gospel, I cared less for video games. There were, at times, months when I wouldn't look at at television. I began to change inside. I wanted to understand everything that I could about God. What His plan is for all of us. Why this plan should be important. I still don't understand everything. Even serving a mission, where I'm surrounded by the Gospel every minute of my life, I don't know everything. I don't have to. I know enough. I know who I am. I am happy.

Why I am a Mormon

I spent about 4 years doing my own study into the Mormon church. My parents are members of the church, so I was exposed to its teachings from a very early age. But that doesn't mean that I learned everything. I lived the majority of my life in peaceful oblivion to anything that happened around me. I gave very little effort to the church and it gave me very little reward in return. I stayed that way until I was about 14. At that time I wanted to know what my church is. What does the Mormon church actually teach? So I studied. I learned. I attended a church class that taught the Gospel to high school students. I have also spent my free time learning about other churches. What do they have to say about themselves, about God, about everything? I read what they had to say and was not satisfied. It didn't make sense to me. How could so many churches have the same Bible and come up with so many different Gospels? I had my answer. The Gospel of Jesus Christ was restored in its fulness to the Prophet, Joseph Smith. He organized the church under divine guidance of Jesus Christ. He was given the Book of Mormon, There is no greater book in the world than the Book of Mormon, in my opinion. The Bible contains the fulness of the Gospel. It contains all of the information that we need to be saved. But who has the authority to interpret it? Who has the authority to guide the Church of Jesus Christ today? That person is a prophet. That person was Joseph Smith. Joseph Smith is a Prophet of God. He was chosen to reestablish God's church. He gave us the renewed truth of the Gospel. The list of his accomplishments, alone, is staggering. But this isn't the church of Joseph Smith. This work does not depend on him. It is Jesus Christ's work. It is Jesus Christ's church. I know that it is true. Read the Book of Mormon. Pray to our Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, and you will receive that same answer that I did. I promise you that you will receive an answer to your prayer.

How I live my faith

Currently, I'm serving as a missionary in India New Delhi. I am having the time of my life helping others understand who they are and why they're here. There's so much confusion in the world. How do we know what is right? The answer is simple: ask God. God loves all of His children. He wants us to be happy. More importantly, He wants us to understand what truly makes us happy. He guides us through His prophets so that we can eventually return and live with Him again. I want to show that this by helping others on their path; take them by the hand and show them that God really does care for each of us. Before coming to India, I lived a normal life. I used to work at a KFC. It wasn't much of a career, but it helped me. It was a stepping stone for me. I used to hang out with my friends on Friday nights, go to movies, school and church dances. A normal life. I served in Boy Scouts and Order of the Arrow. I obtained my Eagle helping to repair a city garden. Service is my life. I have always felt that serving others and helping them achieve their goals is one source to true happiness. Isn't that what our Heavenly Father does for us? I believe so.

Can you tell me about Mormon customs: how you dress for church, what holidays you celebrate, etc.?

Church dress depends on the culture. In India, the men wear "American standard" suits and ties. The women wear Shawls and Sauri's and other cultural items. It depends on where you live. If you have further questions, contact the local missionaries in your area. I can't speak for all of the world! We are not required to celebrate holidays (for example, no member has ever been kicked out for not celebrating Christmas). But there's no harm in it either. We have holidays because they help us center our minds on Jesus Christ. The Lord has set apart one day in the week for our benefit. That day is Sunday. Sunday is called the Sabbath Day because it is a day of rest. "Sabbath" is a translation of a word from Hebrew meaning "stop." We are asked to rest on the Sabbath so that our hearts can turn more to God. We should participate in activities that bring us closer together as families. Some ways that we can rest are not working (asking for Sundays off), not shopping (thus causing others to work), and reading the scriptures. Spending time together as a family is definitely suggested! I have found no better joy in the Gospel than the family. We spend one night each week together (usually Monday) to help us unwind, and simply have fun. Some other customs include giving a blessing on the food. God owns everything. We are only borrowing his possessions for some time. By giving a blessing on the food, we show God that we understand His hand in this meal. It helps us center our lives on Him. Show more Show less