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Hi I'm Brooke!

I LOVE to travel and skydive! I'm a Nanny. I'm a Registered Nurse. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I absolutely love life! I've learned to find joy everyday, in everything I do. Life is hard, there's a lot of things out of our control, but each of us has the choice of how we react to it. As for me, I choose happiness. Life's too short to do anything otherwise! I have a massive family whom I just love and adore. I have four younger brothers who tower over me and are always making me laugh. I'm a Registered Nurse, just like my Grandma who has inspired and motivated me for as long as I can remember! I love people. I love to fix and heal what's broken, both of body and spirit. I love to hear people's stories. I believe we all are writing our own remarkable story. I've decided to live a story worth reading. More than anything, I love this gospel. My stars I LOVE the gospel of Jesus Christ! I am a Christian. 'Mormons' are Christians. :)

Why I am a Mormon

This gospel, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, is true. I know it with all of my heart and every fiber of my being and it brings me daily joy! I know where I came from, I know my purpose in life, and I know where this life leads after death. I know there is life after death. I was born into an (amazing) Mormon family. That's just the beginning of it. The exposure. We all have the choice to accept what we do or do not believe. I'm Mormon because I choose to be. I know this to be the most doctrinally accurate church, on earth. Every concept, principle, and ordinance is of Jesus Christ, the Savior of our world. I'm Mormon because I love this gospel! We teach of Christ, we strive to be like Christ. I know that through Temple ordinances families can be together, FOREVER. When I envision heaven, I imagine sitting before the great throne of our Heavenly Father surrounded by all the people who I love most in this world. All my family and all my friends. I can't even fathom anything less. Let it be known guys, I want to see NO EMPTY CHAIRS. I know that we are all children of the Most High God, and that He loves us, so much! He is always there, in our brightest days, and with us through our deepest waters. HE IS THERE. It is such a testament of how merciful God, Heavenly Father, is; anytime, anywhere, anyone can bow their head in humble prayer and speak to the Creator of all, and He will listen. God is mighty, God is meek and ever ready to listen to His children. Prayers are always answered. Not how we always expect. But they are answered, of such I testify.

How I live my faith

More than anything I live my life according to this quote, "When the considerations of eternity press upon us, we will make better decisions." -Elder Maxwell. Everything we say, think, and do has it's effect in eternity. Every day I strive to make an effort for my faith. It's always a rollercoaster, ever moving, moving forward nonetheless. It's a dark hard world and I always arm myself with a prayer before I leave the house. I've made a point to dedicate every day to God, to be an instrument in his hands and to be a guiding light somehow, someway. I have discovered the power in daily scripture study. There is such wisdom and strength to be gained from these passages of holy scripture. Scriptures being the Bible, The Book of Mormon Another Testament of Jesus Christ, The Doctrine & Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price. So if God is the Creator of all people, doesn't it make sense He would have Prophets and teachers for all His children throughout history and time? The Book of Mormon is an incredible 2000 year abridged account of the people on the American continents, starting circa 500 B.C. The Book of Mormon is a compliment to the Bible, they go hand in hand, they are both of God and testify of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. I LOVE to attend the Temple. They are most sacred, beautiful, and peaceful edifices dedicated to the Lord. I attend the Temple to worship. To gain instruction. To fill my soul with peace, such sweet peace.