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Hi I'm Mike

Convert to the church. I grew up in Utah and Nevada. Graduated in biology from college. Worked in Environmental disciplines.

About Me

I am married with no children. However, we have hundreds of children we have been involved and helped in their raising. I live on a farm. I worked in both governmental and private sectors in environmental, health and industrial safety. I got to travel to many places because of my work and see many interesting operations. Some operations were dangerous or hazardous. I am now retired. My hobby is the gospel. I love to study and live it. I also spend thousands hours in family genealogical research and doing ancestor's work as a proxy in the temple. Temples are a portal to God and heaven and a basis for much that is the Gospel. It is my reason for wanting to visit a LDS temple frequently. I still get into science especially biology and astronomy. May be that makes me a kin to Michael my name sake. He has been involved in the population of plants and animals in countless worlds and that's what I want to do.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in the free-love era of the 60s and 70s. All the people I knew were doing hard drugs and and living out of control. I knew not God or any religion, but my god was science in those days. Some of my friends said God was dead. I saw how this life style was very destructive. All who I knew only cared about themselves and how they could get ahead no matter who they hurt, even though they said they hurt no one. Then I met the Mormons in college. They were clean, drug-free, cared about other people and they believed that God was not dead. Through their example, I wanted to become one and was baptized. I started with very little testimony. However, then I learned about the fullness of the gospel incorporated in the Plan of Salvation over time. It was pure, simple and limitless. I found that the more I studied, I could go anywhere with it as a scripture could have have many layers or meanings. I know many good people of other faiths who have the Bible. I read and have marked up my Bible until it almost bleeds with color. It was hard to understand until I prayed and pondered and incorporated its scriptures with the Book of Mormon, Pearl of Great Price and Doctrine and Covenants. Then I had a good idea about my premortal life, why I am here and whats happens in the next life. All of these scriptures testify of Jesus Christ as the living Savior and His infinite atonement. He was and is prominent in all three life- phases mentioned. The extra-Biblical scriptures noted were derived from modern revelation. I can find answers to all of my questions and problems in these scriptures. My church is a church of revelation where everyone in the Church can have revelation. So I can have revelation for myself and my family. Modern day prophets exist just as they did in times of old. They have received and are receiving revelation for the Church and their revelations are a guidance for me in helping me cope with my problems and my life. Lastly, temples are again on the earth.

How I live my faith

The most important job in the Church is that of a home teacher (HT). By doing service to Church families that I home teach, I learned to love them and do love them. As a HT, I am responsible for my families both spiritually and temporally. Home teaching has helped me to develop Christ- like attributes. Being a HT is like being a member of their family. At a home teaching session, the First Presidency message is discussed. For my families who have children we play games like Book of Mormon Jeopardy afterwards. Sometimes we go to dinner or a movie or some other activity especially associated with birthdays. I have a male partner or sometimes I take my wife and she assists me. I am a teacher in some of my church assignments. Teaching has helped me to learn about the gospel and has strengthen me. Knowledge is a gift from God that I appreciate. Gospel knowledge, my experiences and my priesthood are important to me. Over some of my life I had to work Sundays. Going to church is important to me as I can take the sacrament to renew my covenants I made at Baptism and learn of the teaching of Christ. I couldn't do very well when I was working on Sundays and became inactive. It is important to me to hold the Sabbath scared. I spend my time studying the scriptures, doing genealogy or watching talks on the BYU or Mormon channels. Sunday night I watch Bible movies on some of the other TV channels. Knowing the Plan of Salvation has strengthen my faith in Jesus Christ. My Creed is to serve God and my neighbor with all that I am. What keeps me strong is knowing that mortality with all its challenges is a dot on an infinite timeline. Do I want to live with God as a god or exist in a much lesser capacity without children or family some where else for the rest of eternity? That's what is at stake.