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Hi I'm Jacob Moore

I joined the Mormon Church when I was 17 and now im serving a full 2 year mission in Minnesota. I'm a Convert and I am a Mormon.

About Me

Hi! my name is Jacob and I am a Mormon. I was 16 years old when i was baptized into the LDS church. I absolutely love sports, Basketball, Football, Baseball, and Soccer are my favorite sports. My favorite teams are the Portland Trailblazers, Seattle Seahawks, Seattle Mariners, and the Portland Timbers I love helping people and I know that i am truly blessed to be a member of this church. I came from a rough background growing up. My parents separated when I was 6 and then my Dad was sentenced to 25 years- life in prison when I was 8 years old. I always believed in a higher power growing up but I didn't know what it meant for me in my own life. I wondered why I experienced some of the things I did and had more questions than answers while I was growing up. when I was 16, I was compelled to drop out of school by circumstances my family was experiencing so I began working full time as a teenager to take care of my family. 1 Year after that time my life changed when the Missionaries found us. My mother, little brother, and myself were baptized a month after meeting the missionaries and taking the discussions. Life was still hard but I knew that I had a purpose now. it made the hard things we went through more bearable as I kept an eternal perspective and had come to the recognition and realization that this life is too short not to Obey Gods commandments and experience the happiness that he wants to bless all of his children with.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I have experienced the latter part of life before joining my church. I have never been in the company of people quite as amazing as my brothers and sisters in the LDS church. I was never able to recognize everything that God and Jesus Christ had done for me in my life until I was given the resources and the tools to seek answers from God on my own power,striving, and volition. I am a Mormon because God has revealed to me through thoughts to my mind and feelings to my heart that all of these things are absolutely true! Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus Christ and nothing anybody says will ever change that fact. In the New Testament Jesus Christ says that a Good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit and that an Evil tree cannot bring forth Good fruit. The fruits of the truthfulness of this message of the Restored Gospel are seen Worldwide today. There are over 88,000 missionaries all over the world who sacrifice 2 years(for men) and 18 months(for females) of being with their familys,friends,loved ones,jobs,schooling,personal desires, and time just to bless the lives of other people with this special message. Next time you see some guys in White shirts and ties and Girls in dresses with name tags on be sure to ask them why they are missionary's and what made them choose to do this. God will bless you for it. I promise he will.

How I live my faith

I love the Young Single Adult branch that i am currently going to. We have so much fun together through a myriad of different activities and there isn't any other better group of people you can spend time with then the young men and women of the church. I go to church every Sunday and we hold activities every monday night. Mormons call it FHE "Family Home Evening" The only thing that this really means is being in the company of your friends and family and just having some great wholesome fun. i am the happiest i have ever been in my life, and its all because of the Mormon church. *UPDATE I live my faith through action and example! I have been serving as a full time missionary in the state of Minnesota for a year and a half and the blessings I have experienced are hard for me to believe! I love this church and I love the way it has brought me to a true understanding and a sure knowledge that Jesus Christ truly is my Savior and that he will always help me no matter what I experience if I only remember him and remember to ask him for that help. I Love to Live to Love Gods Children and I know that no matter what kind of past or present you have right now, that your future will only start as you allow Christ to become a part of your life and a part of your character. I also live my faith by reading the Book of Mormon. I love the Book of Mormon for the knowledge that it grants me about what Jesus Christ really endured for all of us. Many people believe in Jesus Christ but I Personally have Faith in and on Jesus Christ! Faith is a principle of action and power. Don't just believe in Christ, Believe Him! Believe his words through the scriptures. Believe that he will change you if you have a desire for him to do so. If you have a desire to learn more about Jesus Christ than this Church is the church for you! just remember this, People can lie to you but God never will! Listen to your heart and if it feels right, Go for it! Anything that is good comes from God!

To what do you attribute the growth of the Church?

Jacob Moore
Gordon B. Hinckley, prior President (Prophet) of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, said: “We answer the old questions of Where did I come from? Why am I here? Where am I going? These great religious questions have been asked by men throughout the ages. We give them an assurance of who they are, sons and daughters of God. I am a child of God. We have a song that says that. We believe it. It is a fact with us. People find comfort. They find peace. They find strength in that. “And in the organization they find sociability. They find friends. We are a very friendly Church. We are a very happy Church. We are a happy, go ahead people, and others like it." Show more Show less