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Hi I'm Carole.

I grew up a Lutheran in Illinois, have always loved dolls, and always wanted to be a mother. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I have grown tomatoes in our Phoenix desert. It just makes me happy to watch hummingbirds drink from the hose while I water the garden and be just inches away. There is a great satisfaction in working with the soil and growing things and having time to think and ponder. To me flowers are as important as vegetables and so roses grow in our front yard. I always wanted to be a mother and even dreamed of having a dozen children. After problems with pregnancies and a stillborn baby, I am a mother of 7 grown children. I love having time to enjoy 23 grandchildren and am known to grandkids as the "Bubblegum Grandma" because of the bubblegum machine in our home, but they only get one a day! With all our children grown and gone, we have changed a bedroom into "Grandma's Doll Room", a hands-on room to entice granddaughters to come and play and stay overnight in the canopy bed. A gift plaque in the room says it best: "A girl's best friend is a doll" which has a line through it and written beneath is "A girl's best friend is a grandma with dolls". I learned to sew in high school and have made suits, Christmas dresses, crafts to sell, matching toddler clothes, and now make doll clothes as presents for granddaughters. I love to do hand work and also love to read. Education has been very important in our family and getting your first library card was a big event. This year our youngest will graduate from college- all children & spouses will be college grads!

Why I am a Mormon

I was confirmed in the Lutheran church in Illinois and also had a Catholic friend so I had experiences in both religions but had never heard of Mormons. When I was in 11th grade I met the only 2 Mormons in my high school in Illinois. We became close friends and I was invited to Tuesday night activities and lessons. I felt something different there from the other churches but when the missionaries would come to my home to visit, I was afraid of making a decision about this church and literally locked myself away in another room. I soon realized that I needed to make a choice. Either this Church was true, what I had learned was true, and I needed to join, or it was false and then I could walk away and continue in the Lutheran church. I had been especially touched by teachings about eternal families and I knew this was something I wanted. After times of contemplation and prayer, I knew I wanted to join- and needed to join- the Mormon Church. Since my parents were not happy with this decision, I had to wait until I was 18. I returned home from college during Christmas break to be baptized on my birthday and my parents supported me enough to attend. A couple years later, I met the man I wanted to marry. Since we would be married in the Temple, my parents could not attend and we had a very small group at our wedding. Only my future husband, his mother, 2 of his friends, and his aunt and uncle were there. Oh, and of course, me. Even though I greatly missed having my parents there (we were married in California and my parents stayed in Illinois), I have never regretted the decision to be married in the Temple. As our children have also been married in a Temple, I have loved seeing their support to each other in this eternal decision and I have absolutely loved seeing the room filled with family. Church teachings have helped me in raising our children and in being a grandmother. Family is a main part of my life.

How I live my faith

I still love being a mother and also a grandmother. Now it is mostly by long-distance but the things I have learned in Church have helped me be close to our children, even when separated by miles. I think this feeling of family importance has passed on to our children. They love seeing each other and being with each other- even going grocery shopping together. Since our family has grown and spread, we have a reunion every three years to enjoy visiting and letting the cousins get to know each other and have serious talks in between the fun and laughter. This summer all 38 of us will enjoy the beach in California. In the Church I have spent years in teaching (I have taught teenage youth for over 13 years) and have loved it. Even teaching youth daily at 6 am can bring a smile to my face. Since I was the first member of the Church in my Swedish/Lithuanian family, I also have had a great interest in genealogy and have found success in researching my family tree. There is a closeness and a special bond to these family ancestors that is hard to describe. Maybe someday I will get to visit their homeland.

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

When I was about 15, I looked out the window of our front room and thought about the question "Is there a God?". The thought came into my mind "Of course there is. All of this could not be an accident!" I now love looking at flowers & seeing how beautiful they are and how intricate- this is not happenstance. Even the cactus in bloom is beautiful. I see hummingbirds and marvel at them- they are a beautiful creation. Or I see quail running across a yard nearby and they amaze me. I am in awe at the night sky and think of all the stars that I can't see! Of course, the greatest miracle is a newborn baby and how perfect they are. And so I do know that all these beautiful things are not just an accident but gifts to us from a loving Heavenly Father. Show more Show less