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Hi I'm Mary

I'm an all-American woman, a mother and wife, I love the Lord, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in a family that was, by American standards, poor. My dad worked where he could and our family moved often. I was a teenager before I had a piece of clothing that wasn't a hand-me-down or gift. I didn't mind. Even my wedding dress was second-hand. I was raised mostly in northern California and northern Utah and often felt that I was a good mix of the two cultures. I was raised in a family whose roots in this church run deep, back to the earliest of converts, and I rejoice in my heratige and try hard to honor it. I love the Lord and His temples. I love my husband who is perfect for me in every way, and I love my children who keep me on my toes and seem to almost always be a step ahead of me. I love to read, especially historical classics such as the writings of Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Shakespeare, and so many others. I love to sing and make music though I'm not particularly good at it. I love to experiment in the kitchen, trying new recipes often and always seeking ways to make our meals more healthful. I love birthing and talking about birth. I want, someday, to be a midwife. I am in awe at the wonderful herbs God has created to soothe or heal our ailments, and am learning how to use herbs to bless others. I care about our earth and do what I can to lessen the negative impact my life may have. This includes gardening (though I'm not very successful at it), cloth diapering my babies, and recycling all I can recycle.

Why I am a Mormon

My family have been members of this church for many generations and I was raised in this church. I had a happy life and a wonderful family. My dad loved the scriptures and often taught us from them. As a teenager, I sought to know for myself if this was truly God's church, with truthful doctrines. I studied and prayed, talked to friends of other religions about their beliefs and pondered all I learned. I prayed and prayed, and over time I came to know beyond doubt that the Book of Mormon is the true word of God, as is the Bible. I prayed and studied more, and came to know that the leader of this church is indeed a prophet of God, with authority to speak His words and to lead this church as God wants it to be led. When I entered the temple to recieve the blessings of marriage, I felt deeply with my entire being that the doctrine of eternal families is true, and I rejoice in that truth! As loved ones of mine have passed away, including my father and the newborn daughter of my cousin, I received witnesses of life beyond the grave and comfort in knowing that my Dad and I will enjoy a big hug again someday. Each year as my life progresses, I learn more and more, and experience more and more, that deepens my faith and knowledge of the Lord and His church. As I obey the laws and principles of the gospel, I find freedom and joy and, more importantly, the promised blessings of obedience that prove to me that they truly are God's will for us. This why I am, and plan to continue to be, a Mormon.

How I live my faith

One of the big things in our faith is service. I find great joy in service, in visiting other families and seeking ways to help them, whether I help the mom with chores, bring dinner when someone is ill or a baby has been born, or tend children so a tire mother may sleep or a busy one may run her errands or complete tasks. I love music and I lead music at church and was recently asked to direct the choir, which has been overwhelming yet I am excited about. I have had opportunities to teach children in the church, which I love, and to do activites with the teenage girls, which is so fun! I live my faith every day as I teach my children the joy of prayer and the joy of gratitude to God for everything which makes us happy or helps us grow. I live my faith as my husband and I come together each evening to read the Bible or the Book of Mormon and learn from them. I live my faith when I look in the mirror and, though tempted to criticize what I see, remind myself that this body is a beautiful gift from God, and He thinks it's beautiful. It's His artwork. I live my faith when I seek ways to live healthfully and take care of this body which is a gift from Him, and take care of the Earth which He created for our joy and to be our home. I live my faith as I seek direction from God for every major life decision, and have found the greatest joy in listening to and obeying the guidance He gives.