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Hi I'm Lea Ann

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a mother of two daughters and the wife of a wonderful husband. My husband and I have our own business that we work on out of our home, and he also works at an Optometrists office, while I stay home with our girls. I love to read books, fantasy books have always been my favorite, but recently I have been reading the classics and a lot of self-help books. I love to learn and improve myself. There is so much in this world to learn & know, if I could, I would spend most of my time learning new things. I love to scuba dive! My father got me certified when I was in high school and he has taken me on a few trips to the Caribbean. This is another thing that I would love to be able to spend my time doing. Exploring the ocean floor and all the beautiful creatures in there is a great adventure. It is a whole other world down there and it fascinates me! I am interested in learning how to garden and be self-reliant in every way possible. I dream to own my own home and property one day where I may grow my own food, raise some animals, and perhaps even provide my own means of making clothing. I am interested in learning how to improve my cooking skills, sew, knit, and any type of home improvement/decor.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints by loving parents who always wanted what was best for me. They taught me the gospel in our home and encouraged me to participate in church activities. Despite their best efforts I didn't have a testimony of my own until I was in my youth. I had friends that didn't live up to what I believed was right and I started going astray from the things my parents taught me. I made some poor decisions that put me down a path of unhappiness for a few years. I found that I was unhappy because I knew I wasn't choosing the right, I knew I was being immoral, dishonest with my family, my friends, and most of all dishonest with myself and my God. I always knew there was a God, I believed in Jesus Christ, but I never knew how aware they are of me and how much they love me, until I finally found the courage to repent and forsake my sins. After I confessed and forsook the things I was doing I felt such a powerful, warm feeling of love wash over me. I knew that the Lord was letting me know that I was forgiven, that he was there with me through it all, and that he would give me the strength to withstand those temptations that were a weakness for me. From that moment on I poured myself into the studying of this Gospel, and I know without any doubt that this is the true church of Christ. I know that he loves each person individually. He atoned for every single person so that we might all be clean from our sins and downfalls. I have gained such a strong testimony of prayer and personal revelation. I have a relationship with my Heavenly Father that I never would have had, had it not been for the things I experienced and the process of repentance. I know that he organized this church specifically, that Thomas S. Monson is the one and only living prophet on earth today, he receives the word of the Lord, and anyone can see and know this by the fruit of his labors.

How I live my faith

I have the opportunity to serve as a teacher for children ages 8-9. One of the wonderful things that I love about this church are the programs that we have for our youth and children to teach them of Christ. Every sunday the children meet and sing together and learn together about Christ's teachings, they are even given opportunities to participate in teaching each other, give talks, share scriptures and pray. This helps them to build confidence in themselves and the gospel and to become leaders in any capacity throughout their lives. I also get an opportunity to be a Visiting Teacher. This is a program set up for Women in the church to visit each other in their homes, to teach the gospel, build friendships and camaraderie, and to administer relief to the sick and afflicted. There are many opportunities to make food for a family in need, serve in their home cleaning and caring for children when the mother is unable, and to help in any way possible. My favorite is that we can come together and share our testimonies for our Savior with one another and share our love for each other. Some of my most treasured friends have been made through this program.