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Hi I'm Kristopher Powell

I love rocks, Hebrew, and laughing, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I like to party. I almost never stop smiling. I have lived in Charlottesville, Virginia; Texarkana, Texas; Morton, Illinois; Heber City, Utah; and San Diego California. I'm currently attending college, studying geology with a minor in Hebrew. I did a lot of acting and singing in high school, and my music is a big part of my life. I absolutely love hiking, which is a big reason why I enjoy living in Utah so much.

Why I am a Mormon

I am constantly amazed at how much this restored gospel makes sense! I love studying the Holy Bible, and I'm studying Hebrew just so I can understand the sacred words of the Old Testament better. I know that God is unchanging, and since he called prophets in those days, he loves us enough to call more today. God spoke to Moses on a mountain and gave him stone tablets, and He spoke to Joseph Smith on a hill and gave him golden plates. Because of my study of the bible, I also know that God gave his priesthood to man throughout time by the laying on of hands, and that is the way he still has his authority transferred. I love that families can be together forever if they are married by this authority! Temples have always been a way God has wanted us to worship him and learn more about him, and we have temples today. This isn't a new church; this is the church of Jesus Christ that has been on the earth as long as people have been willing to listen to a loving Heavenly Father.

How I live my faith

When I was baptized, I promised that I would try my best to live like Christ would every moment of my life, not just by making good choices myself, but by doing everything I can to help those I meet understand the importance of loving and following God. I try to keep my covenants by being honest, respectful, morally clean, intelligent, and loving towards myself, God, and everyone else. I know that I have made sacred promises to my Heavenly Father through the Priesthood that allow me to be cleansed of my sins as I follow him, and I try to show him my thanks everyday in my prayers and actions. Because of the feeling I have been given from the Holy Ghost, I know more than I know anything else that God has established hi church once again on the earth, and I will spend my entire life trying to help others understand the unbelievable happiness and peace that comes to me because of my covenants with God; I know that if I keep living like I am, I will be with God again someday soon.

Why are only some Mormons allowed into temples? Is there something secret going on in Mormon Temples? What goes on in Mormon Temples?

Kristopher Powell
Anciently, there was a wall outside the tabernacle in the time of Moses, and one around Solomon's temple. The temple is symbolic of heaven itself, and there we can be closer to God than at any place on earth as we learn more about his plan for us. Just as only the pure in heart will be able to live with God again, only those who have made the necessary preparations are allowed in temples so that they will understand what they are are taught and be prepared to make the sacred covenants or promises there. The temple readies us to enter back into the presence of God after we leave this life, having been cleansed by the atonement of Jesus Christ. We invite everyone to make those preparations in order to learn more about God's plan, and be sealed together with their families forever. Isn't that the most wonderful blessing you can think of? Show more Show less