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Hi I'm Sierra Penrod

I'm a teacher, a writer, a wife. And guess what? I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Writing about myself is a lot more stressful than it should be--this is perhaps, because I am a High School English Teacher, and feel the need, not only to be grammatically correct, but also to write some creative, engaging personal narrative that gives the reader in the abyss a complete picture of who I am. Perhaps I ought to forego creativity for a little bit of honesty. My name is Sierra Penrod. I love writing, and have enjoyed stories, books, movies, and poems since I was little. My mom (bless her) gave me opportunities to try everything--basketball, piano, oboe, singing, girl scouts, hip-hop dancing, etc. Nothing stuck except my little hobby, writing, which didn't cost a dime, and didn't get me a lot of attention. But it's what I enjoy, and that matters most. In time, I developed a love of theatre, and in college, I studied to become an English/Theatre teacher for high school students. Directing plays can be as satisfying as writing a novel. It's a lot of work but theatre makes life better. It helps you analyze the world around you, appreciate vicarious situations, and analyze the flaws and triumphs of society past and present. I will always be an active theatre-goer and patron of the liberal arts. I enjoy travel, especially to Europe, where all of my favorite authors lived. Most especially, I love being a new wife. Even with all the inherent difficulties, nothing is more rewarding and exciting than having a husband to come home to. Especially when he cooks dinner!

Why I am a Mormon

A testimony of the Gospel is something that takes constant nourishment. As such, throughout my life, there have been times where it has been difficult to believe, even though I was born a member. I share this because it always helped me when others admitted that believing was hard sometimes--I hated feeling like I was alone with my questions. I have learned that it is healthy to question, and that these tumultuous times of doubt can make you a stronger, more active member of the church if you weather them with faith and a constant desire to believe. I write this, not to discourage anyone from believing, but to relate the real development of my personal testimony. Sometimes, they are hard to obtain. That's what makes it worth it. I believe in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with complete conviction. I know Him personally, because he answers my prayers and listens to my woes. I believe He is the kindest, most loving, accepting individual that ever walked the earth. To be with Him again is my ultimate goal. I know without a doubt that He died for us, and that He atoned for us so that we could be Him and our Father in Heaven again. He loves me and I love Him. I never want there to be any doubt about that. I believe in the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. I believe in the family. I come from a good family (slightly left of center, not your "average" LDS family), and I was taught by loving parents the ways of Christ. They taught me how to love, how to feel compassion, how to accept, how to repent, and how to come closer to Christ. I want to have kids one day so I can teach them the way my parents did. I want to be with my family and my husband forever. To me, that is happiness. I believe that there is a living prophet today, and that every person, should they choose, is able to receive personal revelation. I am thankful for the influence of the Holy Ghost. I am thankful for a Loving God who has not left me comfortless in times of need. I know He lives.

How I live my faith

I try to live my faith by being an example of what I believe. Sometimes it is hard for me to stand on a pulpit and tell others what I believe, but it is easier to live it. It is my hope that people will want to come to Christ because they knew me. I try and stand up for religion, even when it is unpopular in the current media. I try to show loving acceptance to all. I live my faith by befriending people--as many as I can. Not because I just "want to convert them," but because there is genuine happiness that comes in learning about others lives, faiths, families, and hobbies. I live my faith by trying to be a good wife, by pursuing my hobbies and talents, and by willing to talk about my faith if someone asks. Most people don't ask. I encourage you to ask. I am also a Sunday School teacher in my ward. This is intimidating at times, because I am rather young in a ward full of more experienced members in the Gospel. But every week that my husband and I teach, I feel like the Lord is answering personal prayers. I love teaching. The people that I am speaking to always helping me understand what I believe so much more than I help them. I live my faith by giving service--not because it is a requirement to get into Heaven, but because it is enjoyable, and uplifting. It brings me closer to Christ. Also, I think it is our duty as human beings to be kind to one another. I try, more than anything, to be kind. I think that it the best way anyone can live their faith. Kindness, as Christ was kind.