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Hi I'm Samuel M. Morris

I am a returned missionary. I love doing service for others. I was born in LA, California. Now I live in Utah.

About Me

I love to play outside and I love all sports. The sports that interest me the most are extreme sports. The last sport I played on a team was lacrosse. I played as a defender. I like to write poems and right now am trying to write a book. I am the second youngest of 7 kids. I will go to The University of Utah this year. I want to major in political science. Then go on to be an attorney or a politician. I love talking to people and making new friends!

Why I am a Mormon

At first I thought I was forced into this religion, when I was a child. Now that I have learned more about it, I realize that I chose this path for myself. I was given the choice, it was not made for me. I have only come to recently realize this. Before I went on a mission I was hanging out with kids that didn't have the same beliefs. They didn't have the same standards that my religion has. They are not bad people, they don't understand the benefit of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and what we believe. While I was with them, my own standards started to get lower and lower. Soon I was not living the promises that I made at my baptism. I was doing things that gave me instant gratification, I was not looking for things that made me eternally happy. I had followed this path using my own agency for years, forgetting about what my life was before. Until my best friend, told me he was going on his mission and asked me when I would be going on mine. For years I had been hiding my true self from him. I was hiding myself from my brother, he is part of my family and I am of his. I opened up to him and talked with him about my life. He showed nothing but kindness to me and started to get me back into the gospel life. At first I didn't like the rules I had to follow, I gave him a lot of resistance. He never showed doubt and never gave up. I am so grateful for what he did for me. When I started to change, people noticed that there was something different. I was a lot kinder and happier. I had re found a lost gratification that would make me happy for eternity, the true gospel of Jesus Christ. I now understand all of the blessings that come from being a Mormon. I have seen both sides of life and I have chosen mine. It has been challenging getting here. I know that this is the truest of all churches. It may be hard to pay tithing and fallow the promises we make. I have heard many times, "It gets the darkest, before the day."

How I live my faith

-I try to participate in all of the service projects that the Mormon church does. Our church is based around service and helping others. It doesn't matter the project, the church will always help. -On Wednesday's there is Mutual. Mutual is an activity or a service that they do for the youth. Anyone 12-18 years of age that want to come and participate can. - I help teach or talk at my church on Sundays. We have 3 meetings. The first is called sacrament. Sacrament you could say, is the beginning class. Here, we hear people give talks about the gospel and give thanks for everything god has done. There are different people that speak each week. They are people that live in the ward. This is where we take the sacrament. Anyone can participate in the sacrament. -The second meeting I will on occasion help teach. This is for people my age and new investigators is called Gospel essentials. There are other classes for kids and teenagers. There is a set teacher for all the classes. This teacher has a lesson planned out for the class. The interesting thing about the lesson is... This same lesson is being taught all over the world. What you learn from this class on Sunday, they will or have learned the same thing on their same Sunday. -The Third class I help teach. The men and women go to different classes. The women talk about service that needs to be given. After this they split of into different age groups and go to their classes, they then are given a lesson. The men do the same thing. -There are so many things that they have for Members and Non Members to do. I can't name them all. I do know that whatever it is, it is always helping someone. Maybe not always in a way we can see.