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Hi I'm Dillon Avila

I love water polo and swimming, the water and everything in it amazes me, the beach is a second home.I'm a Mormon.

About Me

well i was born and raised in california and love every bit of it close to the mountains and even closer to the beach. i love my family its a huge piece of my life and i couldnt image life with out them. i am a child out of 7 and directly in the middle.the children in my family are named in alphabetical order or close to which left me to fill the spot of "D" Dillon.i love playing water polo and swimming and it took up a good portion of my time in high school . i loved to jump in the pool and more than competing with the competition i always competed with myself. i figured if i was ever to get better the only one who was stopping me wasn't the other team and it wasn't my team it was me. i love the water its amazing while in high school i became very interested in marine biology and now have many fish tanks and aquariums filled with all types of amazing creatures. i love sharing the free time i have with my friends, slurpees on tuesdays, ultimate frisbee, and of course trips to the beach.In this exact moment i am spending another year in florida serving a mission.

Why I am a Mormon

i was lucky to have been able to grow up in the church learning things that many others still don't know but that doesn't mean i never had questions or just believed because my parents told me. that never has or will be a good enough answer and i feel like we all learn better from personal experiances but its up to us to take those steps. soo why am i a mormon?.. i asked my self that same question while i was growing up , and it seemed to really just dwell inside me. i had many spiritual experiances before this but this has stuck in my mind as a reminder. iv'e heard so many times to pray and ask God for guidance and help, i know he would answer but i remember while i was 18 and at home i really wanted to know i had many big choices that all just seem to confront me at the same time. it seems like we all have those days and weeks but it seemed like mine turned into more of months and my head was so filled with so many things all at the same time. i remember coming home after hanging out with my best friend i remember specificly reading a small section in the book of mormon it wasn't more than a few sentence when i felt i needed to pray so i started to kneel with full intention to open my mouth and pour out what i felt and what i wanted to know, but i stayed there awhile pondering and before i even opened my mouth to pray my eyes filled with tears and there has never been a doubt in my mind sense . This church is true. I know my Father in heaven loves me and each one of us. I know answers are given to those who ask. I know love is shown to those who give it. I know that Jesus Christ is my Saviour and Redeemer . I know the Bible along with the Book of Mormon to be the word of God. I know that prophets are just as important today as they were in the bible. I know that miracles happen ever day that revelation is given and that the Lord works in mysterious ways, but ways that make sense to those who truly listen

How I live my faith

as of right now i am serving a two year mission in florida. called to serve the spanish people in the florida tampa mission. i love it i am able to see so many people of different back rounds from cuba,dominican republic, puerto rico, mexico and all other types of latinos you can imagine and share with them something that has made a huge impact on my life, something that has made me who i am today. i have seen so many people change and make steps that led them to a happier life . these people have become a part of my extended family and i will love them and remember them for ever.