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Hi I'm Jessica Decker

I overcame a drug addiction, I love to ZUMBA... I just served a full time mission and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in California with an amazing family and we are very unique. Lets just say we put the "fun" in dysfunctional. We all have had our own trials and battles to overcome but in the end its made us stronger and closer because of the gospel. I LOVE to dance. That is my happy place I took dance for many years as a child, now I teach Zumba sometimes on the side just for fun! Its my new favorite dance. Zumba is Hip- Hop/ Salsa dancing that works your whole body! I am very active.... well unless I am injured. I love being healthy and taking care of my body, for my Body is a temple. I want to be a high school counselor and will start college again soon to do so. I also want to be a physical fitness teacher encouraging students to be healthy and active in there lifestyles to avoid the life of drugs and parties. I love everything about the outdoors and just nature in general. I am single and loving it. I have a desire to meet someone to spend my eternity with but I know that will happen in the Lords timing. Whats the rush? I have a great life. I also just started selling vintage clothing online. I started my online shop only a few months ago and I am still learning how to do it all. I love helping other people look good and feel good about themselves. I know the Lord has blessed me with many gifts and talents, one of them being able to relate to others in many ways, especially those who are struggling with addiction, poor self esteem and other self destructive behaviors.

Why I am a Mormon

My Dad moved out when I was 13 and I started using drugs and Alcohol to fill that void in my life. I continued in and out of treatments and therapy until I was 20 years old. I know God sent my mom to me because she was inspired to know when I was ready to make the full change in my life and lead me on my road to recovery. I now I have about 4 years clean and I enjoy EVERY SECOND of my life. Coming back into the church and having a change of heart was the hardest thing I have ever done but the most rewarding because I know who my Savior is and I know how to overcome my weaknesses and make them strengths through His grace. I grew up in the church without knowing the book of Mormon took place in America, I just found that out a year before I served a mission. With that knowledge of the crowning event in the book of Mormon, Jesus Christ coming to America, I make sure that I bear that witness to as many who will hear. The Book of Mormon is the words of God written for our day and it really provides a shield and protection to those who read and abide to the teaches there of I am a witness to that miracle. I love having the Holy Ghost as my constant companion. I know that when I was living a life aspiring to the things of the world I was looking for some kind of peace the whole time. I could never find that peace until I surrendered my heart to the Lord and let go of what I thought was best. Now I know I am worthy and clean which provides my with the greatest joy and peace!

How I live my faith

I really just try to do and say the things that will allow others to feel the Love of God. I am so lucky to know who my Father in Heaven is, so I want to help as many people as I can understand that as well. My last calling was the reach and rescue Chair for my ward or "congregation". What that entails is me reaching out to our members who are struggling or who haven't been to church in awhile. I get to know them, fellowship them, and let them know we care for them and most of all God knows who they are and loves them. That calling just ended but what is amazing is there is always ways to serve in the church in whatever capacity you are willing and able to. I also love greeting people when they come to church, doing hallway checks to make sure no one goes unnoticed, and sitting by those who are alone. We all deserve that Love and I know its what Christ would do. I actively attend and bring many individuals to the ARP program provided by LDS family services. Arp stands for the Addiction Recovery Program or what I call the Atonement Reality Program. It’s based on the same Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous but includes Jesus Christ and the Atonement. I know that this program is inspired of God. The spirit in the ARP meetings is what allowed me to be comfortable enough to come back to church. This meeting really helps you gain an unbelievable understanding of the Atonement of Jesus Christ and how to actually use his grace to overcome your addictions/ weakness.