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Hi I'm Jeana

I'm a married mother of 5 loving the opportunity of raising my family in a much more rural setting than I grew up in.

About Me

I love to sing. I love music. My sweet husband knows (and thankfully understands) about the passion I feel for it. There's nothing else that brings me closer to the spirit as quickly. But, I'm also an enthusiastic mother of five (from toddler to teen currently) who loves to spend time on a great many other things as well. I exercise regularly and love to play volleyball. For the past few years I have also begun working my way up the belt ranks along with my husband and oldest son in taekwondo. (Hiiiiya!!) I have a deep love for nature and animals and am slowly building up a homestead here on our bare acreage with a large garden and raising chickens and rabbits for eggs and home grown meat. (Also trying to get some trees and other landscaping happening here too.) In addition to my church callings, I try to be faithful in keeping my own personal journal which I have written in weekly since I was 13. And just before my second child was born, I started up a monthly family newsletter to send out to family and friends. That's been going now for over 14 years and it has since come to be a very special personal and family history reference for us. In music news I play piano, saxophone, trombone...still working on that guitar, and I SING. I participate in and help direct my own ward choir but what really gets my heart pumping is singing in (and directing) my women's barbershop chorus in all its four part a cappella glory. Singing is my true retreat!

Why I am a Mormon

I was blessed to grow up a member of the church with loving parents, six brothers, and one sister. Seeing all my life how the gospel of Jesus Christ helped our family be happy and actually WORK I think was the biggest tetimony builder for me as a child. I'm not saying it was all warm fuzzies and rainbows though. We were a family of 10 living on a junior college professor's salary. You do the math. But my mom did what she could making money in various ways at home and I learned to value a dollar when I had it. I also learned to work, sew, think of others, eat nutritiously, and have a wonderful time just playing with my family at home. It was easy for a while to rely on my parents' testimonies and trust that they knew what was right. I think it was in my mid teens though (I could look it up in my journal!) when I decided that this leaning on them thing had gone on long enough. It was time to follow Joseph Smith's example and find out for myself! I distinctly remember one evening being alone in my room and kneeling down to pray to ask my Heavenly Father if the Church was true. The response I got was an overwhelming (in typical teen translation), "Duh! You already know it is!" welling up in my heart and whole body. Since then, I continue to see affirmations of my faith everywhere--in the organization and order of the Church, the miracle of each new baby that has entered our family, the miracle of priesthood blessings and ordinances, the assistance I regularly receive from the Spirit in helping me figure out daily problems at home, in church callings, and even in my music pursuits. I see Heavenly Father in charge of it all. I see Him caring about me personally and caring about the things I care about. This gospel has it all and to me, it just makes sense.

How I live my faith

In Church, I fulfill callings of doing up the weekly sacrament meeting programs as well as bi-monthly Ward newsletters that go out to every member, being a heavily used assistant ward choir director, and visiting certain women/friends in the ward on a monthly basis as part of the Visiting Teaching program. Unofficially, I regularly substitute in piano playing and teaching capacities for others. I already talked a little about my personal and family history endeavors in weekly and monthly journaling and newsletter-ing. We try to have a family night once a week where we talk about a gospel principle with our children then play a game and have a special dessert together at the end. Also as a family, we pray together every morning and evening and also read scriptures together before bedtime. Weekly church attendance is a given. I'm slowly continuing to work on the principle of provident living in home food storage and production. Aside from working on building up the usual canned and non-perishable food storage items in our basement, I've got plans under way for water collection and storage on our property. I also continue to expand the garden and maintain my small livestock projects. I appreciate the Church's wise counsel on self sufficiency. Above all, I continually strive to be an example of Christ-like living to my children, friends, and anybody I come in contact with; even when...ESPECIALLY when the situation may not be very pleasant. Those are the times when I sometimes take a step back and really dig deep for the Spirit's promptings and guidance before continuing along a possible path. And those are the times when I'm especially grateful for the knowledge I have of the Savior's example and ancient and modern day scripture and revelation. This gospel brings untold joy and fulfillment to my life!