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Hi I'm Shawn

Hi, I'm a Father of 4 children and Step dad of 3 others.

About Me

I'm a 38 old husband and father of 3 wonderful step-daughters, 2 beautiful daughters from a failed marriage, a very smart son, and daughter with one on the way, by my lovely birded of 8 years. I was a flooring installer for most of my adult life. Starting just after my mission to The New York, New York North Mission, from October 1993 to October 1995. I had many great experiences during this mission, but I will talk about these later. For 16 years I worked as a flooring installer, with brief time intervals where I needed to gain employment when work was slow. I went to college at Salt Lake Community College in Salt Lake City, Utah. Where I completed 5 total semester, studding Small Business Ownership. I how ever did not graduate, this was when I went threw my divorce. These were the great trying times of my life. Depression and despair entered into my heart, and I never thought I'd be happy again. For 4 years I lived a life of misery and sadness. What had happened? I wondered, then it came to me, I had moved so far away from the Lord God that his loving grace could not shield me from the grasp of Satin's chains that bonded me down into misery. I was not a bad man, just a man who was slowly dragged down into the bitterness of Hell. I had let the small sins creep in to my life that made me unhappy. By living a Christ center life, thing began to slowly change for me. That which once was lost was returned to me. A new family, and my Children gave my life a renewed purpose.

Why I am a Mormon

My testimony of the Christ Church on this earth begins at a young age. Like most people the Teenage years are some of the most trying and joyful times of our lives. Its when we have not yet figure out who we are, and so we travel down many different paths to discover ourselves. I was no different I made many of the mistakes at this time. I had something that made a differences in my life, my parents had grounded me in the gospel of Christ. At the age of 16 when myself confidence was low, because of a learning disability. I remember going to listen to a youth speaker one evening. Though I do not remember what his talk was on,or who he was. I remember as though it had happened yesterday, and that what he had said, the spirit of God bore testimony to my heart that it was true. He said this about The Book of Mormon, "If any of you struggle with reading and writing, that by reading The Book of Mormon you will increase your reading skills." This hit me with great force that even today my testimony stems from that seed planted in my heart. The Book of Mormon is just over 530 pages long, and by that date I had never read any any book over 100 pages. Today these numbers are nothing, but then it was a task I would never attempt. I took the challenge and for the next two yeas the story and lives of the Nephites and Lamenites became my nightly indulgence. I began to I began to understand how God works in the live of his children and how to recognize his work in my own life. It was a slow process, but by the end of the Book of Mormon in the book of Moroni chapter 10:3-5 I was ready to Take his challenge and ask God if it was all true. That night at the early age of 18 I had one of the most spiritual moment of my life. I received and answer from the spirit of The Lord, and I knew it. That I was also given an answer to another question I brought to my God. It was that I should go on a mission. And so I prepared myself, and left in October for New York.

How I live my faith

I live my life day to day like any person always making decisions that effect myself, my family, and others that are around me. Though I'm not perfect, I try to make those decisions that wont effect others negatively. After that I study the scriptures, pray and worship at church. I hold two calling within my Ward, as Membership Clerk, which is keeping the records of the ward up to date. The second calling is 11 year old scout leader. I also have the opportunity to visit a couple of families in the ward once a month to make sure they are doing well and administer to their needs. I think my most important job within the church is being a father to the children that God has entrust into my hands. Their lives, and education are my responsibility, by giving them the knowledge that will help them to live a happy and fulfilling life. We all have to learn on our own, but while they are young and dependent upon my wife and I, we can teach them. I hope I can minimize their hardship by passing on what I have learned. Then how sweet my joy will be when they use what I've taught, and saved themselves the pains of making incorrect decisions.