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Hi I'm Preston

I grew up in Utah. I come from a family of eight, and I know that we can be together forever, which makes me happy. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a college student that is preparing to go on a full-time LDS mission. I am the oldest of seven children, and the oldest grandchild of twenty nine. I have to set the example and live in a way that is honorable so that they have somebody to look up to. I have lost a brother to an early death, but I know I will see him again and this comforts me. I love to hike and enjoy nature. I also play the piano and love to sing in choirs. I have participated in school plays and student government, have gone to state in wrestling, cross country, and track. I am an involved citizen of my community and have recieved my Eagle Scout Award. I am proud to be an American. Since I was twelve, I have been working to earn money to go on a mission, and I am so excited to go and teach others the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I will be serving in Montana, one of my favorite places in the world. It has been a big sacrifice to go, but it is worth it because I want to give people the knowledge that I have that families are forever, that Christ loves every person and knows each of us by name, that he is involved in our lives, and wants us to come back to Him and our Heavenly Father. I want people to feel the happiness that comes from keeping the commandments and living Christ's teachings. I want them to know of the blessing of the Book of Mormon and how it can bless their lives. I want them to see what a happy life this can be if they will decide to turn to Christ and live his teachings.

Why I am a Mormon

I have grown up in a family that has a strong background in the church. However, it is my belief that every person, member or not, must go through their own conversion process. You have to find out for yourself if it is true. Why live a religion that has a high standard and high expectations if you don't know that it is true for yourself? When I was twelve years old, I decided I needed to read the Book of Mormon to know that it was true. As I began to read, the beautiful storys and teachings from ancient prophets on the American continent touched my heart. Almost every page talked of Christ and his Atonement, and testified of how he loves each one of us. I felt such a strong feeling of God's love radiating from the book. After I finished, I prayed to God to know if it was true, and those same feelings returned that radiated love for me and affirmed the truth of the book. I have since read the Book of Mormon many times, and I know it is of God; this is the foundation of my faith in Christ and my knowledge that this church is true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet. This is a church of doers. We believe that if you obey the commandments of Jesus Christ, He will bless your life. As you serve Him by serving others, you show your love for him. I have found great strenth and satisfaction in living a religious, honorable life. When I choose to obey and follow Christ the best I can, I am blessed, and my life is better. My relationship with my friends, family, and my God is strengthened. I also find comfort in the doctrine taught by this church that this life is not the end. I know that when a couple is married in the temple, they and their children can be together forever if they keep God's commandments. Since my brother has passed away, I find comfort in that doctrine, which is only taught in the LDS faith. I know that I will see him again if I keep the commandments. That is what motivates me to continue on, and live the best I can.

How I live my faith

As a member of the LDS church, there are many opportunities to serve. All the time we are going about serving members of the communtity; caring for the elderly, visiting the sick and giving comfort to those who are struggling, members and nonmembers alike. Each member is asked to contribute his/her talents and abilities to help their ward/branch, and to assist in the community. I have been playing the organ in church meetings for six years. I also have been a gospel doctrine teacher, and have enjoyed teaching lessons about the gospel of Jesus Christ in church to my fellow members. Every member is involved, and should have a calling (responsibility or job) to help the ward/branch of members they are in. From youth in the church to adults, each person has a responsibility in the ward or branch they are members of. Most of these responsiblities are service for the church and community, and making sure that every member is taken care of. As a youth, I remember going around with the other youth raking leaves for the elderly, fixing up people's yards, chopping people's firewood, preparing humanitarian kits for people around the world in need, and so on. Also, every male over eighteen should have a hometeaching assignment, where you and a teaching companion visit a specific member's home every month. You check to see if their family is needing any assistance of any kind, and give a short devotional about a gospel topic that will help the specific family that month. For example, one year my family was struggling financially, and my parents didn't have enough money for Christmas presents for their young children. On Christmas Eve, we answered the door late at night to find a basket of oranges, a turkey, and two hundred dollars. I suspect this was from concerned ward members. I have remembered that kind act of service for years. This is the type of annonymous, Christ-like service that members do for each other and for non-members alike all the time.