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Hi I'm Hunter

I'm from Kentucky. I'm homeschooled. I want to build schools and hospitals in 3rd world countries. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm the second of 6 siblings. I've been homeschooled my whole life, and I'm a junior in high school. My family on both sides is from Kentucky, and we're die-hard fans of UK Basketball. I'm a musician - I play the piano for choirs and singers, and have 15 piano students. I'm also an actor - I'm in a Shakespeare Company. I'm a big reader: The Lord of the Rings is one of my favorite series, and also anything to do with Philosophy, Literature Classics, and History. However, I feel like a person is defined by how much they do and care for others: I'm an Eagle Scout, and I want to build schools and hospitals in 3rd world countries later in life. I'm not sure what college I'd like to go to yet, but I want to win the Rhodes Scholarship from Oxford University for graduate school. I'm striving to become a person that has the tools to serve people as much as possible. Although I have a lot of aspirations, I know that nothing good can be accomplished without the Big Man Upstairs. :-)

Why I am a Mormon

I am in Need to be Redeemed. I'm imperfect. Very imperfect. I believe I have/am a Soul. Since I'm in need of Redemption and Salvation from my sins, my failures, my shortcomings, my weaknesses, I need a Savior. I was born into the Mormon church: My mom is a convert and my dad a 2nd generation member. However, it has not been a completely hunkydory and smooth experience. I grew up learning about Jesus, singing jovial Sunday School songs and learning of the doctrines of the Mormon Faith. My mom read my siblings and I the stories of the Bible prophets, taught us of eternity, and inspired us to be good and caring to each other through the example of Jesus. By all means, I grew up a normal Mormon child. However, as I grew older and began thinking more independently, I got a chance to figure out some things for myself. I realized how different the Mormon Church is from other faiths, and yet how strikingly similar and connected to all of them. I read the scriptures that the Church teaches: The Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants, writings of Mormon prophets, as well as the Bible, and saw the beauty, simplicity, and eternal truths that were taught in it. I am not going to lie: as I took a good look at the Faith I'd been following for all these years, I had my doubts. But luckily, the Lord expects that, He's given us a way to come to the truth: Pray, Study the Scriptures, Ponder, Pray again, Ask, Listen. I did that. I've found that it's true. I came to a realization that I needed a Savior, I came to find one. I'm a Mormon because I've taken an honest look, tried out what they teach, and asked my Eternal Father if this is good, and if this is right. It is. The centrality of Jesus Christ in Mormonism is a big reason why. I truly know that He lived. He died - for us. He was resurrected. He knows us individually. I know that. I also know that this Church is truly His Church. That's why I'm a Mormon.

How I live my faith

The way I live my faith influences all the spectrums of my life. It all starts when I get up in the morning. At 6 AM, bright an early, I go, with all the highschoolers in my local congregation, to Scripture Class, aka Seminary. This year we're learning about the Old Testament. Once a week I go to Youth Night- All the Youth from ages 12-18 have activities, learn, do service, etc. It's a bundle of fun. My weekends are often flooded with Youth Church events- Regional Dances/Social events, Service Projects, an occaisonal Campout Outing, etc. On Sundays my family and I go to church for 3 hours, having classes, partaking of the Sacrament, and things of that nature. I have 3 Church families that I visit monthly with an assigned "Home-Teaching Companion" from the local congragation - we help them with whatever they need, check up on how they're doing, etc. It's a great experience - lots of service. However, My Faith affects my life in many other ways as well. I study the scriptures daily, strive to pray continually, and always try to look to my Savior in all I do. The way we see the relationship with our family profoundly affects how I treat my siblings and parents. I give 10% of all the money I make to the Church, and every month we fast for 24 hours. It keeps things in perspective. I love my Faith because it gives me such a wonderful world view. I see strangers, but I really see a fellow Brother or Sister of our Heavenly Father, and try to love and serve them any way I can. I see pain and suffering, and remember my Savior and His example, and try to emulate it. I see a friend having a rough time in life, yet with the Gospel lens I see an Eternal Being with infinite potential and capacity. I try to live My Faith with joy, service, and diligence. It gives me peace and happiness and I find that I'm always learning something. It's a fantastic faith that brings added light, added joy, added peace, and added Eternal perpective to the whirlwind which we often call life.