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Hi I'm Brooke

I am the mother to five kids! A California implant with Alabama roots. I am a Mormon.

About Me

I love the beach. Like getting in the water, not just sitting on the warm sand. California is our home, and the weather can't be beat. In my perfect world however, we would live on the same street as our families, because we miss them and are all spread out. My personal mantras have been that I am not a magician and can't do everything. Growing up it was that we were a try, try again kind of family. Lately it has been that happiness is a choice. In my house, I have a sign that people always comment on, it says, Do one thing everyday that makes you happy. The Gospel of Jesus Christ brings me great happiness! Writing on my blog keeps me connected to my family far away and allows me to document our life and my feelings about life and my purpose here. Plus its somewhere to write all the poop stories that happen with little kids.

Why I am a Mormon

Well lucky for me I was born a Mormon. I have been taught the gospel truths from an early age from my wonderful parents. But everyone has their own conversion story, even us 'lifers'. Mine was in high school. My junior year I had to change. I was on a destructive path and my parents intervened. As I lived the gospel and kept the commandments, my testimony became strong and its been solid ever since. My life would have been drastically different if I had not followed the teachings of Christ that I had been taught from my parents. Reading scriptures, attending church, going to the temple, listening to the prophets, praying, and always trying to be more like Jesus....all have fueled the light of my testimony. But nothing has fueled my testimony like the fire of trials. They have refined me and taught me that I will walk the talk. My children deserve a mother like I had whose testimony burns brightly within her and I am determined that is what they will get. Now if only I yelled a little bit less....hey, still a work in progress. Being Mormon is the best thing about me. It makes me happy. I get what the point is of this life and I want to share it.

How I live my faith

Well, life is a not a piece of cake nor was it intended to be. There were so many things I was not realizing that I would have to deal with...like head lice for example! My faith has to be active and tangible to not get swallowed up by the waves of trials that we all face...some much greater than lice! And when I feel wobbly, my friends and family support me and remind me I am not alone and that heavens angels walk among us too! "Your future is as bright as your faith." is what President Monson said. Even when I am discouraged or frustrated or feeling the unfairness of it all I know that the Atonement covers all and the enabling power will get me through whatever I need to tackle as a woman, wife and mother. How to help my children understand that being perfect is the goal but picking yourself up and again and again when we struggle is what Christ wants us to do. He does not want us to lose hope and with Him all things are possible. Personal revelation and inspiration from the Holy Ghost make a big impact on my life. When I pray in the morning, ideas or names of people will pop into my head right after, and that is how I listen to what the Savior wants and needs me to do. I don't always remember but on those days I listen, they are better.