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Hi I'm Jordan Stufflebeam

Ping Pong Enthusiast, Story-Telling Fanatic, Missionary in Nebraska, and a Mormon.

About Me

Representing the Omaha Nebraska Mission! (N.O.M!) Best Mission in the world! My whole life I have been able to see My Father in Heaven bless me through out. I lived in Orem Utah for the first ten years of my life, where everyone was Mormon practically in Utah, or at lease to my 9 year old mind everyone was. One day though my entire life got flipped upside down when my Father said to us that he got a prompting from the Lord that we needed to move to Slidell Louisiana. I can honestly say even at that young age that I had no idea what my dad was saying and also I had no idea where Louisiana was nor where the other 53 states were, Utah was all I knew. Still I did know that it was a prompting from the Lord, and so that summer we packed up and moved to Louisiana. Louisiana was thus far the hardest years of my life (Though my mission in Nebraska is quickly catching up) I went from an all Mormon School to me being the only on and the adversity felt there was crazy at that young age. At the lowest point in Louisiana when our car was broken down, we had little money, and then we got kicked out of our house cause there was a gas spill a 100 yards away, but it was at that point and time where everything for my family changed. My Dad then came to us again a month or so later saying that he has another prompting to move to Mesa Arizona, and so we packed up again and moved, a month later Hurricane Katrina hit where we lived. Mesa Arizona was the happiest years of my life.

Why I am a Mormon

The spirit has testified to me that the church was true and since then I have remained true and grown in faith. At times its not easy but it is always worth it. I remember a saying of "Life is pain, anyone who says differently is selling something." But the nice thing about the church is that it is made to make us happy! Yes we are going to have pain, but we have our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who has provided a way to make us happy! This is the only way. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the only church with His Restored Priesthood on the earth today, therefore making this the only way to return to live with our Father in Heaven, eternally and forever happy.

How I live my faith

The Biggest way I am living my faith right now is by being on a mission. Though it has been the most challenging thing in my life at the moment, I know that it is what the Lord has wanted me to do. The Biggest thing that this mission has taught me is that everyone has the Lord in their life so much! All the stories I have heard of miracles and how the Lord has protected them have been so many great blessings. I have been challenged, ive been stressed and I have grown more on my mission than anywhere else. The Lord really watched over all of us, and its proven to me day after day, time and time again.

Why do Mormon missionaries proselyte?

Jordan Stufflebeam
Personally why I go and proselyte is to go and help bring people closer to Christ. That is one thing I really want to help everyone I want to do. Whether it is for 5 minutes or I am teaching them. As long as they come closer to Christ I feel I've done my job. Show more Show less