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Hi I'm Athena Galgiani

I'm a jokester, I'm a missionary at Temple Square, and I'm an adventurous Mormon

About Me

Aloha! Guten tag! Iorana! Bonjour! Mauri! Namaste! Hei! 你好! Hello! I am currently serving a mission at TEMPLE SQUARE and served in the Georgia Atlanta mission for about 3 months as well! From my mission I have seen how serving by giving Heavenly Father my all is what brings true happiness. As we are selfless and obedient we will find real peace. Something I am very passionate about is teaching, especially the gospel of Jesus Christ because I know how much it has blessed my life. Before the mission, I graduated from Brigham Young University-Hawaii in Elementary Education and certified in teaching English as a second language too. In 2010 I taught English in China, later interned in Taiwan, and was an Aupair in Istanbul. As you can tell I love to travel! After those experiences I knew I wanted to help others improve their lives through education. Education is the key in life! Besides teaching, I like doing fun things like hiking, white water rafting, rollerblading, snorkeling, traveling the world, COOKING including EATING, learning, taking pictures, dancing, trying ethnic foods, watching movies, going to concerts, spending time with loved ones and serving others in any way I can. I have an amazing older sister who is a nurse, a loving boyfriend who's willing to do anything for God, and the most unique family ever whom I love until forever! Message me! I'd love to share more of my faith in Jesus Christ with you!

Why I am a Mormon

I am a convert to the LDS church. My mom introduced my sister and me to the church and eventually my dad got baptized about 8 years later after my parents divorced. Although I was baptized at age 15, I felt truly converted to the faith at age 21 after having experienced a witness from God of what was right and wrong in my life. As I listened to the Spirit that prompted me to change, I felt an increasing desire to seek truth so I turned to my scriptures and prayer. After doing what I had been advised for years, I soon learned for myself that what the scriptures contain are divine revelation from God. That there are treasures and words of wisdom more valuable than any other book contains. The Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price are proof to me that we still have modern revelation today because I know that those additional scriptures are the words of God. After learning more about Joseph Smith I realized that he was an average man with a desire to know more and did as the scriptures say. He asked and he received. Just like any of us, he took it upon himself to seek for truth and in return he was given the privilege to receive the restored gospel that had been lost since the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Thanks to modern revelation and prayer, I can be counseled, directed and know my purpose. I am thankful for this new knowledge so that I can be more educated to make better choices that will affect me, others around me and future generations to come.

How I live my faith

The way I live my faith is by trying to be the best example I can to others. I not only have faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ, but I apply that faith the best way I can in my actions to show it. For example, I believe that we should try to be like Jesus Christ because He is a perfect example. One of his greatest qualities is charity which I hope to acquire throughout my lifetime. I try my best everyday to practice charity, or the pure love of Christ so that I can better myself and the relationships that I have with others around me. I try every day to be humble so that I can learn and improve as well. By doing that I know that I can aspire to more and find peace and joy in this life. I know that if there is a will then there is a way. "Ask and you shall receive." The source of my strength comes through Faith in Jesus Christ and His atonement. Prayer is essential in planting that seed of Faith. From experience I've learned that by reading my scriptures in addition to praying, I can receive answers to anything. Just believe!

What is being a Mormon like?

Athena Galgiani
In my opinion, being Mormon is being a typical person who knows what they believe in and what they value. Those beliefs and values are parallel to what the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints teaches so we become members of this church and commit to building up the kingdom of God. Being a Mormon has become so natural to me that it is a part of my lifestyle and has an influence on how I perceive the world. With that being said, people normally would not guess that I am Mormon because I look and behave similarly to the average American. I love food, the outdoors, trying new things, spending time with friends, traveling and much more. Many people generally have this misconception that Mormons are like Amish people or still practice polygamy today, but in retrospect we are not very different from the average person. We have jobs and careers like being scientists, engineers, doctors, teachers, lawyers, sales workers, servers, or mail carriers. While some of us are students, others are volunteers, world travelers or missionaries. We come from all walks of life, but we all have this in common. That is, we have faith in an eternal Father, God, who sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to the earth so that we may not die, but have eternal life. Through modern day revelation and prayer, I know that we can communicate with God today and He will direct us in our journey to find true happiness in all things. Show more Show less