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Hi I'm Aaron H.

I am a Computer Enthusiest, a D&D Fan, and an Avid Gamer, and yes, I am a Mormon.

About Me

I love Music, and it plays a big part in my Life. I love all kinds of music, whether it be rock or classical, country or hip hop. I also love computers and technology and I enjoy gaming in almost any form. I also enjoy a few sports as well, i like Fencing and Basketball, I also enjoy playing Soccer (though I'm not very good at any of them). I also enjoy Dancing, especially Ballroom and Swing. Some of my hobbies include listening to music, hanging out with my friends, playing Dungeons and Dragons and Magic: The Gathering (yup, I'm a tad bit of a nerd).

Why I am a Mormon

I love the Church. Everything good in my life i can attribute to this Church. I wasn't very active in the past but as i started to come back and started praying and reading the Book of Mormon, my life changed. I wanted to go every week, I wanted to feel the love of God in my life, I wanted to go on a Mission and share this feeling and this Church with others. This Church is the closest one can get to God while still on this earth. The Book of Mormon is True and is the truest book in the world. Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus Christ, and through him the fullness of the Gospel of Christ was restored to this earth. I know these things to be true without the slightest doubt in my mind.

How I live my faith

I have chosen to Serve as a full-time Missionary for the Church for 2 years. I will be serving in the San Jose, California Spanish Speaking Mission. Before my Mission I had the opportunity to serve in the church in several Youth Leadership positions. And I hope that after my mission I can continue to work with the Young Adults of the Church.

What is Mormonism? OR What do Mormons believe?

Aaron H.
We believe in God the Eternal Father and his Son Jesus Christ. We Believe that through the Prophet Joseph Smith the fulness of the Church of Christ was restored to the Earth. We believe in a Living Prophet that leads, guides and recieves inspiration from God in this day. We believe the Bible to be the word of God and we believe that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and that it was translated by the Prophet Joseph Smith. Show more Show less

Why do you have 12 Apostles? They were just meant to be around for the time of Jesus Christ, not to be replaced with new apostles.

Aaron H.
In the Church the Quorum of the Twelve are Special Witnesses of the Savior Jesus Christ. Their calling, like that of the Prophet and President of the Church, is to be Seers and Revelators in addition to him. Another part or aspect of their call is to be Ministers of the Word of God, like that of the Full-Time Missionaries of the Church, they travel the world to bring the message of the Restoration to all. Also, just like in ancient times they represent a governing body of the Church and when unified their decisions carry the same power and authority as that of the Prophet and his two Councilors. As such, when Christ was on the earth one of the main things that he did was establish his Church on the earth, with all of the governing bodies and officers to run the Church and all that it would need to be self-sustaining after Christ died and ascended to heaven. Ergo, when the Church was restored by Joseph Smith the original Governing bodies of the Church were reestablished, which is why we have Apostles today. Show more Show less