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Hi I'm Alyssa Plowman

I'm a twin. I work as an advocate for the developmentally disabled. I use signlanguage daily. I play guitar. I bike...I'm a mormon

About Me

I come from a family of six. In my youth I spent most my time as a tomboy scraping knees and playing games. I loved to learn. In elementary I’d ask my parents to enroll me in after school classes. I had poetry published by fourth grade and by fifth grade I called myself an “artist” based on the few certificates I’d won. I carried this love of learning with me throughout my life. In high school I worked as a TA for the librarians, reading and working with Dewey decimals. I thought that to influence the desire for knowledge would be wonderful. So I graduated and started majoring in elementary education. It didn’t stick. I student taught all sorts of grades, but once I had begun psychology classes my interests turned. I now currently major in Psychology with the dream of one day helping people. I feel that to teach and to counsel go hand in hand. The idea of helping someone discover a way to improve themselves and their situations is something I’d love to do! While tending to my major I also work full time as an advocate for the Developed Mentally Disabled I assist them with personal growth through choice, competence, health and safety, and positive relationships. Because of my current profession I had to achieve my NAR license, become CPR and First Aid certified, and learn sign-language. It’s the most rewarding job I’ve ever had. In spare time I try to continue my childhood passion for art. I bike, write cheesy songs on my guitar, and wish and dream that I will one day travel.

Why I am a Mormon

There was a time in my life when I began to study religions. I eventually came to researching the church I remembered from my childhood. I didn’t feel anything too overwhelming as I studied. No flashes of inspiring light, or whisperings of confirmation. It wasn’t till I decided to go to church that I’d felt anything. I went for the first time in years and when I got home I walked into my bedroom tossed my purse on the bed, went to the mirror to take hair clips out of my hair, and as I stood there looking at myself I swear as weird as it sounds…I looked different. Something had changed about me or in me I wasn’t sure which exactly. All I knew was that I felt happy and not only that but I “looked” happy. I can’t remember what was taught that day in church or who I saw. I do recall feeling awkward in classes not knowing anyone, but that moment at home in the mirror made it worth it. So I kept attending, and big surprise I kept seeing results for getting rid of that incomplete feeling. The more I read and heard the more I loved the gospel taught through The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It made more sense to me than any of the other religions I’d studied and seemed more complete then the others. As time went on my twin sister started coming with me. This visual motivation spread throughout my family. I know there’s an undeniable something here. There’s times when things in life get hard or sad or even just limbo, but no matter what this gospel is never changing always waiting and always going to help. Sometimes it takes a while to see real benefits from a life changing choice but for me it was pretty instant with this one. I know this church is true, I know I’m better off knowing this gospel then not knowing it, and I know that I can trust in my Lord and Savior to always be there for me…and for you. That’s why I became a Mormon…it just felt right, and I can honestly say I don’t regret the choice one bit.

How I live my faith

I’ve held a few callings in this church. When I was younger I was Laurels President in our Young Women’s youth group, a group that focuses on building values of faith, divine nature, individual worth, knowledge, choice and accountability, good works, integrity, and virtue. I’ve also been on the Activities Committee for the YSA ward "college ward" helping plan events where folks who are or are not members can come get to know one another and have fun. I'm now currently on the Visiting Teaching Committee where I encourage and record the progress of visiting teaching with in our ward. These are not the only ways I live my faith. My faith is a huge part of my everyday life, without which I would feel very incomplete. It's helped me in handling many family struggles from those suffering depression and panic attacks, to those with anger management. I've had discussions with those who have had suicidal thoughts and those who have lost loved ones and without the knowledge I have of this gospel and the roll Christ plays within it I would never have known what to say. It's helped me help others and it's helped me help myself in more ways than I could possibly count. This Gospel is miraculous, and because I've taken the time to get to know it...I now trust it full heartedly. I'm no scriptorian, and I'm no amazing speaker of doctrine, and because of this my faith may at times appear weak but there is a strong foundation of which I've placed my faith, and i know in my heart that that the gospel taught through the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true gospel.