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Hi I'm Brad Skalka

I grew up and live in New York, although I'm in Arizona for now. I like gadgets, science, and music. I follow Jesus Christ.

About Me

I am a nerd. Always have been. I like puzzles and things that challenge my intellect and give me a chance to learn. I am proud of my desire for knowledge, as too many people in the world today are too complacent with next-to-nothing. I want to learn and understand everything that could benefit me. I have a strong memory, and I seek to use it to the help of myself and others. I enjoy all fields of science and engineering. Programming is my future dream. Technology is ever-growing, and I want to be a part of it. Recently though, I have spent all my time, talents, and energy Preaching Jesus Christ's Gospel and serving my fellow brothers and sisters in The Arizona Phoenix Mission. I am one of hundreds bringing the "living water" to the "thirsty land" of Arizona (See D&C 133: 29)

Why I am a Mormon

Although my mother who raised me had been raised with this faith, and did her best to instill in me the same values, we nevertheless did not live these principles as well as we could have. We almost never went to church, and rarely talked about God, His love, prayer, etc. We seemed very distanced from Heavenly Father and from hearing Him and knowing what He wanted us to do. We were very much entrenched in the world and worldly things. Despite all this, somehow my mom taught me that there IS a God in Heaven, that He DOES know me and care about me, that I CAN talk to him, and that He IS involved in our lives. I never knew this as well as I could have while growing up. During my adolescence and teenage years, I was tossed too and fro by opinions, fads, and ideals of those who were not good examples. In retrospect, I was like a ship at sea, with no sail, motor, or sense of direction amid a violent storm of trials, challenges, and ever-decreasing morals and values. I did have a sense of what was right and wrong, and I did keep myself above water from the degrading and disrespectful atmosphere around me, but a lot was missing. When I was 15 a traumatic incident occurred that changed my mom and I forever. It broke down all the barriers of the world, and in a sudden instant, it was down to bare bones. Either God was there or He wasn't. Either He would hear and answer our prayers or He wouldn't. Either this church that I grew up around and sometimes in was true and directed by God or it wasn't. And in those terrible moments where all would either be saved or lost, we took leaps and bounds of faith and put our trust in our Heavenly Father's care, and He came through more powerfully and magnificently than I ever thought He would. We started going back to church, and not only that, we started actually LIVING the principles that we had both been taught in our youth. And it made an infinite difference. Our lives turned completely around. This church is absolutely, 100%, true.

How I live my faith

Back home, in Queens, NY, I was in charge of the missionary work for our congregation there. I met with the missionaries once or twice a week to discuss what they were doing, who they were helping, and what they needed. Then I reported to my leaders and coordinated it all. Now, in AZ, I spend every day as one of those missionaries like I used to work with. I help others come unto Christ by accepting and living His Gospel. I also serve anyone who needs help in any way I can. I've helped move people in and out of houses more times than I can count, weeded gardens, trimmed bushes, renovated homes, built up, tore down, and everything in between. Being a missionary is easy and hard at the same time. It's easy because it is the most enjoyable and rewarding endeavor I've ever embarked on, and as long as I am doing things the way God would want me to, I know I can't go wrong. It is hard because it requires all my time, attention, focus, and energy to successfully navigate through. It requires discipline that I have never known before. It has asked of me pretty much all that I am, and has returned more than I ever could offer or dream of.