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Hi I'm Izzy Baker

I'm an Artist, I play Waterpolo and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My name is Izzy, I grew up all around the USA as my father was in the Army. Water polo has to be my number one sport to play. Just swimming in the water is a ton of fun, even though drowning is one of my fears. Go figure. :P I love to draw anything and everything. I enjoy seeing people enjoy creativity. I believe anyone can be creative in their own way and it all depends on the eye of the beholder. I'm pretty nerdy as I love to tinker with computers, building them and not to mention gaming. :) Not long ago, I ruptured a disc on my lower back. (It's not fun; I don't recommend it to anyone.) Thankfully, I healed up quickly and learned to feel for people who went through similar situations like me.

Why I am a Mormon

I converted from my agnostic views in my teenage years. I recalled actually believing nothing existed after this life, but believing that, nothing made me satisfied with what I've done. It was the most empty and saddening life I have lived actually believing this life was it and nothing more. Moving to a new High school, I made some new friends, I always looked forward to be around them. I felt happy and comfortable when they were around, just being in their homes and when they invited me to church with them. But later down the years, I moved again with my family and later years moved to live on my own. I recall a day where I lived on my own and tried to do my own thing. But everything I did wasn't satisfying or filling the emptiness inside me. I wasn't at peace anymore. While this feeling was getting more and more overwhelming as I continued to live on, I found myself one day walking into a LDS church building to sit down and think. It was then as I was thinking, I felt the same feelings of peace and comfort. Just as the time I was with my old friends and the LDS Church I went to. I then thought is this the spirit I heard about before? Intrigued, I tried to think about what is the simplest form of Christian truth seeking? Than I thought, Prayer! Anyone can pray if they have a brain and heart. So I figured that I would pray to know the truth. I remembered praying asking 2 specific questions. The first, "God, are you real?", I felt a powerful answer of calming reassurance, "Yes." Without stopping, I than asked, "Is "THIS" Church True?", again I received the same answer as the first. It was then I knew the truth for myself. It was then I noticed the emptiness inside me was filled. It was then, I was converted to God's Church and this life is not the end. It has given me the most profound peace into my life and desire to continue on. I can honestly say, I haven't found anything better than this truth because of this experience.

How I live my faith

Living my faith is being patient and calm when things don't quite work out as planned. I try to understand the bigger picture of things and learn what I'm supposed to learn from this. I strive to show my faith by my example. Yes, I mess up from time to time. Yes, sometimes I mess up a lot more than normal; but that's just part of the learning process of life. I'm glad to know our mistakes are not permanent and that we can stand up from falling down. Service is also a huge part of my desire to live a good happy life! Every time I serve helps me learn to be a better, loving and caring person in my everyday life. I strive always to do my best to keep the commandments, so I can continue to have true happiness in my life. I view God's commandments as blessings. Keeping even the little commandments has blessed me in the little things in my life that matter to me. I know that Heavenly Father will be mindful of those who seek Him.