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Hi I'm Derek Christensen

I'm a Texan, I'm a musician, I'm an explorer, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was born in Las Vegas, but raised in Texas for the majority of my life. I am the second of four in my family and I love to learn new things that fascinate me. Granted, schoolwork isn't exactly something that fascinates me, but i love experimenting with new ideas and challenges. I can do things from analyze people's handwritings, to doing things ambidextrously. I'm a student up in Utah right now studying business. Although I am interested in the financial world, music is where my heart lies. I play drums, piano, and I can sing. I was a drummer in a high school rock band and we had a blast. My most favorite thing to do in the world is to be behind my drum set, rocking out on a stage with my best friends. I am a self-taught drummer, and pianist. I find so much joy in discovering and teaching myself how different techniques can be used on these instruments because I feel like I'm an original. I dislike ripping off other ideas because I want to be unique in everything I do. I'm very head strong and i feel like lessons would be boring or distracting so I just do my own thing. When i am not jamming out to rock and roll, I'm dabbling in writing my own classical music.

Why I am a Mormon

When i was a teenager, I wasn't so strong in the church. I was born and raised into being a mormon, but i was always borrowing my testimony from others. Eventually it got to the point in my life where I was struggling with problems and I had to know for myself if this church was true, or if I needed to find some other source of comfort. I always felt like if I searched, I would find that final "source of comfort". I remember clearly one night where I asked Heavenly Father if this church was true. During the night I had my prayer answered and I distinctly waking up and remembering this dream I had where He spoke to me directly and answered my questions. It was the greatest moment of my life to have such a vivd answer come to me. Everytime that i now face trials and temptations that try to separate me from my testimony, I can look back on that night of fervent prayer as proof that God really does answer anything that people ask him about. The amount of happiness this gospel brings cannot be described, only experienced.

How I live my faith

When I came around the end of my 18th year, I decided to serve a mission for my church. I felt that there was no better way to pay back God all that he has given me than to serve for two years for him. In the scriptures, we are told to tithe 10% to the Lord. By the time i will have turned 20, I will have served the Lord with my time of two years. It's my tithe to Him! Now obviously I am not going on a mission solely because I feel obligated, but because I want to tell everyone I know about this happiness that i have felt in my life. I love the Lord so much, and to think that I can help someone experience what I have would be such an honor in my eyes. The mission call came February 1st, 2012. I had never been so anxious in my life on that day. I had been waiting for 18 years for this point. The letter read "Dear Elder Christensen, You have been called to serve as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. You are hear by called to serve in the Russia Samara mission." I cannot wait to serve the people of Russia. I do not plan to have an easy mission, but I want to serve the people with all of my heart, and show them how much a stranger from literally half way across the world can show them undying love. I will not force religion on anyone; I will only serve them because I know that actions speak louder than words.

Are there restrictions based on race or color concerning who can join The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and have the priesthood?

Derek Christensen
Commonly we are called racists when people refer to the treatment of the black community from the Mormon church. There are many misunderstandings when this "segregation" was occurring. Blacks could be members of the church since our church was made. Some of the best members who joined were slaves who were freed after the Civil War. Blacks could go through the temple, they could participate fully in church meetings, and there were never "colored only" churches vs. "whites only" in the mormon community. Blacks were in the leadership positions too as they helped side by side with whites to help our church grow. The only area where there was a difference of equality was the subject of Blacks holding the priesthood. In 1978, Blacks could now hold all ranks of the priesthood and equality was established to every male in the world; an equality that exists today. But why did the blacks not have access to the priesthood until 1978? The simple answer is that God requested it. In the Old Testament, there was segregation of the priesthood even inAncient Israel. There were the 12 tribes, and only one tribe was allowed to have the priesthood (Levi). Levites were the only ones who could administer the priesthood, even though the House of Israel were all the same race. There was segregation back then, and there was segregation to this day and age. Now there is no more segregation and now every race of any kind can participate in the priesthood. Show more Show less