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Hi I'm Sandra Kaye Briggs

I'm a mother of nine, an author, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was born into a large family, twelve children in all. I had an incredible mother who never stopped working, and a fun playful father. I was the fifth child, a middle child, and I always wondered if my mother knew who I was until it was time for something to be done...she'd call my name. I told myself that I wanted to be half as good as my mother, so I got married my husband and I both agreed that six children was just right...we now have nine! And in having nine children I learned a few very important things, one being that I was a good kid and that was why my mother only said my name when a job needed done and not lecturing me or shouting at me because I was in trouble like a lot of the others. I remember just wanting to help and please my mother, and when she told my husband that he was getting one of the best kids she had, it made me feel so good. When I began writing the Quade 2400 series I kept having the impression that I could have influence for good, and in there teens and adults alike will learn that you don't have to be immoral and follow the crowd just to be popular or be happy. I've been shy all my life and letting others read my story is like letting them read my diary, but I've had many readers tell me that they loved the books and some parents have told me of changes in their children's behavior and out look on education after reading them. Being an influence for good is the best I can hope for... What's done is done :)

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into a good LDS family, so I've never known any other religion, but eventually have to find out if it's true for yourself. You have to ask yourself if spending 3 hours in Church on Sunday is right and what you are going to continue to do. If I didn't believe this was true I wouldn't be at Church in front of people teaching the gospel! My conversion was simple without anything life shattering like angels or visions, but it come with a peaceful feeling of knowing that I was doing the right thing. I had time as I fought with tired, crying children Church that I wondered if it was worth it, but now over half my kids are grown and four of my son's have or are serving missions, seeing what good, faithful, strong men they've become, I know that all of those times were worth it. My fifth child got married last August, and as I sat in the sealing room of the Manti Temple looking at all of five older children with their wonderful spouses I realized that I was getting a small peek into the eternities...what a glorious day!

How I live my faith

I've always being a faithful, loving Visiting Teacher, and have gain many good friends through this work, and it's given me the opportunity to serve and be more like the Savior. I been a Primary Teacher many times, in the Young Woman's three different time, once as Young Woman's President, Sunday School Teacher twice in teaching the 15, 16, & 17 year old's, Relief Society 2nd Counselor, and now Ward Librarian....I'm love this calling! I've always believed that when you accept a calling you've promised the Lord you'll give it your best effort, and this I've always tried to do. When I was teaching the Young Women I'd hear them talk their idolize...I was saddened by what some of the bad examples and role models some of them had. This was at a time when my youngestc child, # 9, was finally letting be sleep through the night! I found four chapters of a book I'd began writing 10 years earlier so decided to finish it. The Quade 2400 series is an Action/Adventure...with a mysterious hero, Dalin Quade, waking up from a coma in the year 2417 with amnesia. No one knows who he is or where he come from, and so he finds that he has to use his god given gifts to survive. The story is a lot of fun and Dalin Quade is a true hero, not one you wouldn't want your children emulating. I don't know about you but I'm sick of hero's like the immoral 'James Bond', the pill popping 'House', etc...I could go on... It seems that this world's Entertainment Industry believes that one has to be horrid to be a any kind of a hero, but I believe a true hero is someone who knows what's right and does it against all odds. This motto I live by in my own life, and I hope and pray my children learned this and will do just that. Being ignorant, immoral, and snobbish is not being 'popular' something I hope to convey through the Quade 2400 series!

What is the Word of Wisdom that Mormons talk about?

Sandra Kaye Briggs
The Word of Wisdom was given to Joseph Smith, our first prophet, in 1833, at a time when no one knew how bad certain things like Tobacco, Alcohol, Coffee and Tea, and illegal drugs were for our bodies. In this new law, known as the Word of Wisdom found in Doctrine and Covenants, we are instructed and promised that if we live healthier lives and be in tune to what the spirit of our Heavenly Father has to say to us. My question is; why would anyone wish to put something into their bodies which would do them harm and cost them not only to buy but in medical bills later? God gave us bodies so we could be like him, and he's told us to take care of those bodies. Putting tattoo's on our bodies is also against the Word of Wisdom, you are putting harmful ink into your skin and it's the same as scribbling with permanent ink all over a beautiful building or a precious portrait, and I guarantee that someday you will regret doing it. Show more Show less