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Hi I'm Melissa

I've grown up in Utah. I love to play volleyball. I want to be a nurse. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm just your average fun-loving, crazy, single 26 year old, who loves her family and friends, and loves to just have good clean fun! A couple years ago I graduated with my bachelor's degree in Exercise Science, and now I am finishing nursing school, which will be another bachelor's degree. I've wanted to be a nurse ever since I was little, and I can't believe I'm actually living my dream, by being in nursing school! But I love it! I am so excited to be a nurse and can't wait for the day that I actually feel like I know what I'm doing! :) I also love to just be active, indoor or outdoor. I love playing volleyball, hiking, camping, exercising, boating (especially wake boarding) being with friends, and just having a good time. I love to eat, including things like cereal, banana bread, mangoes, and chocolate. I love the trampoline. I love hanging out with my family, and being an aunt to many nieces and nephews. On my bucket list are para gliding and sky diving.

Why I am a Mormon

Because I know it's all true and my life is so great because of it!:) But in all seriousness, I feel blessed beyond words to be a member of this church. I was born into this faith, have very devoted and faithful parents and siblings, but like everyone eventually does, I had to find out for myself if this Church was true or not. If the Book of Mormon was really the true word of God. And I did. I read from the Book of Mormon, and prayed to know if it is true. I have had many spiritual confirmations that I cannot deny, that have confirmed to me that it IS all true. So that is why I am a Mormon and live the teachings of this Church, because I know it is God's true church on this earth and the pure Gospel of Jesus Christ. God has again called a prophet to lead His church, just as He has since Adam and Eve, which is amazing!! And I know that is true too, that President Thomas S. Monson is the Lord's Prophet today, just like Moses was back then. I am also a Mormon because living the teachings of this church, of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as it is taught in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, makes me really happy and fulfilled, and leads me to do good things with my life. So why not live it? :)

How I live my faith

I love being involved at church! A congregation in the LDS church is called a "ward" and I absolutely love my ward! My calling, or assignment in my ward currently is as a counselor to the president of the women's organization of the ward. We have on average around 80 girls in our ward come on Sundays, which is a pretty big group for one ward! But it's a lot of fun. Because I'm still single, I go to a YSA, or Young Single Adult ward, and have made some amazing friends there. As the presidency of the women's organization, we help make sure all the girls' needs are met. We go together to visit the new girls who move in, or anyone else who may need a visit, and get to know them better. I am over the activities for the girls, so with some other girls on my committee, we plan and organize activities about every other month for all the girls of the ward. I love my calling, it's a lot of fun. I also just try to live a Christlike life every day. Honesty is really important to me and I try to be honest in every aspect of my life, and in all I say and do. I try to be kind to everyone, and treat others as I want to be. I like to help people, and try to be of service whenever I can. I also love sharing the Gospel, or my faith, with others, because of the happiness it has brought me in my life. Just as Christ told His disciples in the New Testament to go feed His sheep, and teach His gospel to the world, He has commissioned his saints to do the same today. So for that reason, as well as because I have been so blessed in my life and want others to enjoy the same blessings of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ, I love sharing my beliefs and inviting others to learn about them by reading from the Book of Mormon or coming to church with me.

Do you really believe there is a prophet like Moses alive today?

Absolutely! I know there is! I've heard him speak, seen the life he lives (VERY Christlike, but still a normal man), and most importantly, I've prayed about it. And yes, I can say that I know our prophet today is just as much called and led by the Lord as Moses was. It's amazing! I'm SO grateful too, this world is so crazy and there's so much confusion out there. It is such a blessing to know that God has not abandoned His children, that He does in fact still speak and continue to give revelation to His children, and has restored His true church back to the earth through a prophet of God. Show more Show less